strange birds
2002-12-22 06:07:12 ET

apparently there's a whole lot of stuff that i missed; wish i had gone to q's with the crew but unfortunately i was working... i have to work again in like an hour or so...

yesterday myself and Digit and Anima Infirmary left the house to try and cash my paycheck, which took me a month to get. i kept getting turned down & pissed off until Insomnia helped out... then we went to get breakfast at this great 50's diner called "johnny rockets"...

you know, Digit will agree with me, that the strangest goddamned things happen around us when we are out. the entire diner staff ended up dancing to "stayin alive" when it came on the jukebox, i'm not kidding, someone was in the back strobing the lights on/off, and there were about 12 of the kitchen/wait staff lined up in the dining room doing the same orchestrated travolta-esque dance... i felt like i had accidentally tripped a switch and turned my life into a musical::

then we went to the army store... i was upset that Insomnia hadnt called after work but then realized my cell phones batteries were dead: we were supposed to hang out with Izzy's friend Al or something but he left work early. Stopped into 8th Street Lab (a raver clothing store) and said hi to my pineapple head/graver friend Zack...

then another strange thing happened:: we went to kmart and the guy in the line next to us (a customer) picked up the intercom and said
"Attention Kmart shoppers, for the next 15 minutes, everything is FREE. So bring yo' shit up to the nearest register and i'll hook ya up"

this created general chaos; and another announcer came on apologizing for our 'inconvenience'; any idiot would have known it was a joke but kmart shoppers are not your garden variety idiots...

we bought snackies and went home to watch 'institute benjamenta' but me and Digit were so tired we just passed out; and now i woke up and its time for work, rats... where did my weekend go...

Day 2 of not drinking has been completed.

when do i get my gold star?

---another thing:: i'm beginning to regret cutting my hair; i want my long hair back. this sucks.

----Izzy is having nightmares & i dont know why.

2002-12-22 06:31:40 ET


me & dbd should get a prize for overworking ourselves.

And I did call but by time I called the fun was over so I just went to bed.

You get your gold star after a lot more than 2 days - a month maybe?

2002-12-22 07:28:39 ET

why do you regret cutting your hair? i think it looks fantastic!

2002-12-22 08:54:25 ET

I'm proud to present the Total Eclipse Worker Monkey of the Month award to...: DBD & Insomnia *cheers*

Lorraine - Hair grows, babe.

2002-12-22 09:17:20 ET

Eclipse - hair does grow, but Raine cut off over a foot. Hair doesn't grow that fast. I have been growing mine for about six months and have like two inches where I used to have close to none. Not fast at all...

2002-12-22 09:33:32 ET

I get the prize for overworking too...
Growing out hair is a NIGHTMARE...
but then LONG hair is a nightmare too... leave it alone. :)

2002-12-22 09:56:58 ET

Aww, well, I'm just trying to cheer her up. No use in sulking about it anyway, I mean, there's not much you can do except wait..

'sides. I like her hair the way it is (if them pictures are up to date that is..)

2002-12-22 10:29:42 ET

ahhh... working class antics set to falsetto disco.... swoon

2002-12-22 10:44:47 ET

Hair must stay bye bye.

Short hair makes me want to butter your flapjacks.

2002-12-22 12:47:01 ET

Izzy is having nightmares because he hasn't eaten enough gyros.
Gyros keep away nightmares.

[johnny rockets waiters always sing and dance I hear. part of their charm?]

2002-12-22 13:11:58 ET

Do you mean charm like the quark? Or charm like that thing waiters do to get you to tip more?

2002-12-22 16:32:29 ET

i'd have nightmares after the jonny rockets disco fiasco too :-P

2002-12-23 08:39:31 ET

You are all so fertile...
<3 <3 <3

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