2002-12-23 14:38:45 ET

last night = Storm&DeathByDesign&Digit sammich!!!

i came home from work and was all like 'honey, i'm home' and justine's all like 'digit's in bed with another girl!' you guys had me scared for a second there...

i am making mighty strides in my story plot. this is only the beginning...

2002-12-23 14:39:20 ET


2002-12-23 14:46:47 ET

<tender momments like that, make you wanna pee yourself> <:|>

2002-12-23 15:31:10 ET

So sweet - you guys are scrumptious.

Sorry I scared you. PINEAPPLE BOOTS!!!

2002-12-23 15:56:58 ET

heheh: yeah that was fun:

<3 storm and dbd

2002-12-23 16:02:36 ET

Storm isn't just any other girl...

2002-12-23 20:18:50 ET

Cake and balloons for all.

2002-12-23 22:58:00 ET

Storm certainy is not just any girl! ;-D

i remember looking into digit's eyes wearily in the morning that time...

...why does this all sound so odd? haha

2002-12-23 23:37:28 ET


2002-12-24 04:24:02 ET

Ahhhh... the incest.
</any other girl>

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