the writing on the wall
2002-12-24 11:39:38 ET

2002-12-24 11:40:00 ET


2002-12-24 11:41:35 ET

More impressive than the last time I saw it.

Bio has not had a drink in:
|||||||IIIIi||||||||||III|||||||||Q||||||||||x513561361 days.

2002-12-24 11:50:54 ET


2002-12-24 11:53:45 ET

1 day at a time. :)

Good luck, truly.

2002-12-24 12:18:42 ET

wait til you feel my nog, bio
good job raine. just remember:
you are doing this now so you can get alcohol poisoning on new years. we can take the same ambulance!

2002-12-24 12:19:07 ET


2002-12-24 13:40:33 ET

good job, hope that keeps up

2002-12-24 15:11:56 ET

You're a little ahead of yourself babe. You got smashed Fri night with Dok. Sat+Sun+Mon = 3 days. If you get through today (which I hope you will cause you're at work now) it'll be 4. But you don't get another tick for today... slow down girl...

2002-12-24 15:46:17 ET

The idea is to ENCOURAGE your friends, Justine...
Not the other way around.

Rock on Rain... on a discouraging note, you are DEFINITELY having a relapse on New Years. Hahah!

2002-12-24 15:54:44 ET

I am encouraging her. I am encouraging her to keep more anally nitpicky records.

2002-12-24 16:35:26 ET

nah she got smashed with the dok on thursday night: hence 4 days:

2002-12-24 17:39:37 ET

Ohyeah, my bad. I was thinking no Raine at Q's = w/Dok when it was really no Raine at Zenwarp = w/Dok. *apologizes* That's what I get for having fun with the krew two nights in a row!

2002-12-24 19:40:50 ET

I'm so proud of her!

2002-12-24 20:40:11 ET


2002-12-24 21:10:15 ET


2002-12-25 01:28:56 ET

Hey, Justine, I say we go mad and give Raine 5 days of no-drink just for sports!

2002-12-25 12:20:33 ET

now you can see how retarted the rest of your friends really are when they drink! ;-P

2002-12-25 12:25:34 ET

I've known you all as retarted drunks from the get go.


2002-12-25 12:27:07 ET

...except for me...i'm just drunk...not retarted ;-P

2002-12-25 12:28:45 ET

The first four or five times I met you in real life you were intoxicated. :/

But you carry yourself a lot better than some people.

2002-12-25 15:42:11 ET

<----- not a retarded drunk

2002-12-25 15:47:46 ET

<------not a drunk

2002-12-25 16:00:13 ET

yeah yeah that either.

No one here has seen me drunk... I don't even think you guys have seen me drink! ha!

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