kisses and chaos
2003-01-01 16:42:46 ET

The last thing I remember is the countdown. Chaos, friends, music, and a boy. When my consciousness floated to the surface this morning I found they had drawn on me (the first one passed out gets it). Someone had also taken off my twenty eye boots (my friends routinely alternate between love and cruelty)

Shards of memory return to me like strangers. Chocolate candy, vanilla vodka and a bottle that spins like my head does now. A metaphor, discarded, and a chart (you can't lie to me, i'm the historian). A forgiveness and a resolution. The end of an era. A playlist set to random, a bottle set to random, a life set to random. Theoretically.

But the bottle was biased, the radio rigged and the dj was drunk . A previous discussion of coincidences rings through my head, and another stolen moment from earlier returns to me, fingers gripping steel cage, a hundred feet above the city on the williamsburg bridge, precariously balanced, we are oblivious to the trains snaking beneath us, or the dim roar of the traffic that winds like a glowing river of red and white in the twilight.

Not bad for the end of the year. Kiss it goodbye with the people who have loved you and infuriated you and kept you alive, drawn a reaction, drawn you in.

things i blacked out and dont remember: storm pouring hot wax on bio's boy-tummy, tequila, apparently i went in the bathroom and did whippets. I havent dont whippets since being a floridian raver. Being drawn on while unconscious. Small details completely omitted by my brain for no reason.i almost didnt remember that anything at all happened yesterday. i am certain that i am engaged in brain ccell genocide on a massive scale. i really am Leonard from Memento.

2003-01-01 17:54:04 ET

<3 DbD.

you were the missing piece last night

2003-01-01 18:28:32 ET

Oh what a night.

The flowchart got a bit more ... interesting. Mmm. Yeeeeep.
That bottle game was totally rigged.

And when Storm says "Lie down on your back, lift up your shirt, and close your eyes." ... just do it.

2003-01-01 19:12:56 ET

i plan to:

2003-01-01 19:51:56 ET

i'm not ghey (o_O)

whacked! it was funny as hell though....

2003-01-01 20:29:52 ET

Thanks DBD... that was the best New Years I've had in... uh.... years.

Now lie down on your back....

2003-01-01 20:38:22 ET

and suddenly, every male on takes a deep breath....

2003-01-02 05:26:23 ET

lol. yes i saw the Bio get wax on the belly incident. I was also there when we discovered the wax in the bellybutton wasn't melting and therefore causing searing pain...and my very drunk boy decided that he would help Bio by pouring cold orange soda in the bellybutton to put out the fire.

I too missed the tequila.

2003-01-02 07:20:37 ET

I was wondering where the orange soda came from.


2003-01-02 09:33:02 ET

bio did you drink/?

2003-01-02 09:45:49 ET

Nothing alcoholic, despite people trying to get me to do so.

My debauchery was 100% sober. Arr^%#!

2003-01-03 11:55:43 ET

hitler was straightedge...


2003-01-03 12:51:47 ET

Hahah... AND a pussy landscape artist.
But everyone knows that BIO LOVES MEAT.

2003-01-03 12:53:27 ET

Hitler was also a vegeterian.
I think they put that in PETA pamphlets nowadays.

2003-01-04 22:21:33 ET

dag...sorry i missed the festivities. i was in florida getting all sorts o' silly with my pals there. happy new year to alla youse. (thnX to 'raine, digit and the other cats that came out to the hell-lab3 thingee on 42nd st. it was good to see ya'll, even if i was so fucked up i don't remember talking to any of you..)
i MUST keep better track of the SK nyC meeting thingees..
anyhoo, i got written all over in FLorIda as well...(queens/brooklyn rules: fall asleep w/ yer shoes on, we bring it to you w/ markers..)...SIGH...
(the heartworm)

2003-01-04 23:28:19 ET

w0rd you definitely missed spin the bottle...

chilling w/old people in FL is always awesome; i should go back sometime this year and hang w/my friends for a couple of weeks

i was so trashed i could barely remember the genesis show but i know the venue was cool and it was fun as all hell::

2003-01-04 23:30:36 ET

i was fucking WRECKED at that show. genesis was awful, though so don't worry about it.
DAG(!!) i missed spin the bottle(!)

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