2003-01-01 19:28:10 ET

i hax0red dbd


2003-01-01 19:32:27 ET

ax0 haxx0r!!!


2003-01-01 19:33:58 ET

What a nightmare.

If you kids have no agenda for tomorrow,
I'm meeting user: Thatsmystapler in the afternoon.

2003-01-01 19:37:05 ET

*gasp* hax0r!

2003-01-01 20:04:06 ET

axo terror reign continues?! :-o

somebody call a FARCE! ;-P

2003-01-01 20:24:17 ET

work it AXO

2003-01-01 20:28:22 ET

He who will not be hax0r3d Hax.

2003-01-02 02:13:53 ET

lol. These posts are ever so silly.

2003-01-02 20:59:21 ET

:: he put the AX0 in HAX0R!!!111

2003-01-03 16:06:04 ET

when axo hax0red furax, trying to say it gave me a brain aneurism.

2003-01-04 00:46:27 ET

aye, it be a tongue twister that one! ;-P

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