all apologies
2003-01-03 15:55:05 ET

i would like to apologize to everyone for not being able to make it out to dinner tonight:: i am being kept at work @ blockbuster... i need the $$$ if youve tried to call my cell phone you know that... i'm at a cyber cafe next door to the video store but i only have 10 min. left on my break... addict much?

have fun, i'll be around later, dok i promise i'll give your palm pilot back. besides, i cant beat your drug wars high score. i give up.

also if someone could please reassure me that im not gonna be hated on for the drama floating around that would be nice. i find it incredibly impossible to pick between friends, like when my parents asked me to pick a favorite i usually just gave them a blank look and then cried.


2003-01-03 16:05:26 ET

no one is mad at YOU!!! its not your fault, heheh! :P

2003-01-03 17:25:55 ET

i'll always be here for you raine: no matter what you choose: i meant it: <3

2003-01-03 18:41:18 ET

It's okay ... wasn't an amazing dinner spectacular, anyways.

I don't think anyone is going to force you to choose.

2003-01-03 19:24:26 ET

I live on the other side of the country, and have no idea what yer upto, so ya know I'm pretty damn neutral... no hatin' here. =)
-The Joker

2003-01-03 20:20:24 ET

You know that no matter what happens, I'm here.

I'm not privy to whatever drama is being discussed in hushed tones here.... honestly, it's pretty fucking irrelevant to me. Drama is crap teenager games, and I'm staring down the barrel of a gun with the number 30 in the chamber, so i've got no time for such things. That's why our friendship will always be ok, it's outside of the crap.

So when the smoke clears, I'm here for you.

<3 Dbd.

Oh, and damn right you can't beat my dopewars score. I am the drug overlord!

2003-01-03 20:21:17 ET

BOOOOO drama.
We missed you, that's all...
You are a love... no drama there!

2003-01-03 20:22:01 ET

and noone called me to go out with you guys tonight!


2003-01-03 21:43:28 ET

Chris (LC)... thank you that is good to hear... i just get paranoid sometimes... its really weird i cant say that theres anyone here i *dont* but i respect the fact that alot of my friends dont like each other; the one thing i will NOT tolerate in front of me is violence. but thank you for the reassurance, it was needed ::grins::

Storm, Digit, Bio, Joker.. thank you too.. ::hugs::

Chris (303.. oops i mean 242): oh i thought you went with them. beh! i thought the nezzwerk would take care ov itself!
ill call you to-morrow after i get off work (5 or so)

2003-01-04 00:58:15 ET

i don't care about anything :-)

plthhhh!!!! ;-P

2003-01-04 08:00:48 ET

it's got nothing to do with your Raine honey. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We are all over it. it's a petty annoyance and nothing more. no one is going to make you choose who you have to be friends with nor hate you for being friends with someone. I give you hugs. and i bare you no ill will. never have. :)

2003-01-04 15:10:43 ET

violence? he is the one that has a problem with me, why would i start shit? im not he one that cares about it, he does lol

2003-01-04 15:31:19 ET

that reference had nothing to do with you guys.. my friend al once threatened to kill eric with a broken bottle; alot of fucked up shit happened in florida and i skittz out when conflict happens, oh well who cares.

besides, i know you're a pansy anyways chris.. you couldnt hurt a flea ;)

2003-01-04 17:20:28 ET

The actual situation that sparked this nonsense had nothing to do you with you, darling. I know for one I might be confused as to your continued friendship with this person but I wouldn't try to tell you not to and I would not be mad. People can't help who they care about, and it's useless to choose sides when sides reform monthly. . .

2003-01-05 12:06:58 ET

I don't even live on your continent, no hatin' here.

2003-01-05 13:02:23 ET

Did you buy toilet paper yet, shorty? ;)

2003-01-05 13:43:05 ET

Ha! I knew that would happen!

(re: toilet paper)

2003-01-05 17:57:04 ET

i stole some from work


2003-01-05 17:57:37 ET

dude charlie is NEVER FUCKING HOME. i want to give him the rent; i'm beginning to get nervous!

2003-01-05 23:37:59 ET

Yeah me too.

I think our landlord died. Do we get a discount or something for inconvenience?

2003-01-06 06:28:49 ET

pay in gyros. they <3 that. really lots of <3 for that.


2003-01-06 10:04:54 ET

lol. I can see the lawsuit "We were inconvinienced by your father's death. Our shutter made a creaking noise for 2 days! I think I might've sprained my earlobe. We want a hundred shmillion dollars."

2003-01-06 18:57:57 ET

*j - have you tried calling him?

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