2003-01-09 17:32:07 ET

Dear Cruel World of Illusion and Inauthenticity:

I hate you and i hope you fucking die.



2003-01-09 17:34:13 ET

What a lovely letter.

2003-01-09 17:35:26 ET

I like it

2003-01-09 17:43:48 ET

If I could, I'd take on the world for you. For both of us...

I'd collect every fragment of shattered hope, piece it back together for you, and hand it to you on a platinum dish with a side of contentment. I'd collect the souls of the vain, the arrogant, the shallow, the judgemental and hurl them into a wormhole.

I hate to watch my friends suffer.

2003-01-09 18:07:17 ET

beautiful... gets ya right here...

2003-01-09 18:46:35 ET

There are pearls of authenticity in this world... the problem is you're prying oprn the wrong oysters.

2003-01-09 20:39:47 ET

The world is an oyster.

2003-01-09 21:38:16 ET

and the oyster is yours

[/ironic perpetuation of overkilled statement]

2003-01-09 22:08:30 ET

I'm going go with Doktor on the Oyster statement. I can also appreciate the Sarte... but remember, he was an existentialist, inauthenticity was his business... I guess basically Im saying that it all comes down to being able to be an autonomous authentic, and try not to let others throw a wrench in your gears. Nontheless, Im sorry fer the shit you're going through. Hope it gets brighter.

-The Joker

2003-01-09 22:32:54 ET

i third the dok:

2003-01-10 03:57:58 ET

I twelvth.

*sympathy* sorry hon. Honestly is a rare commodoty these days..

2003-01-10 04:36:47 ET

"Sartre is smartre but Camus can do"

2003-01-10 08:59:35 ET

furax you roxor:

2003-01-11 05:23:16 ET

;) sweet.

2003-01-11 06:36:18 ET

viva la simpson quotes =)

you should read "the simpsons and philosophy" its put out by the same people that did "the matrix and philosophy" by far my favorite essay in the first book is 'the simpsons, hyper-irony, and the meaning of life"...

2003-01-11 13:19:20 ET

haha...you have that book too; don't you?

2003-01-11 22:01:15 ET

you bet

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