2003-01-13 15:59:14 ET

lost momentum
cant recapture
broken fragments
seal the fracture
one more picture
last exposure
she needs a teacher
so he shows her
how to freeze in
hanging glass in
staining windows
with reflections
shards of light
in all directions
an afterimage
in these sheets
i close my eyes
i drift to sleep

/why does it hurt so fucking bad.../::cry::/self inflicted and i know that.

i hate it when someone youre trying not to think about has left their stuff all over your house...

/the new model comes with a 5 year warranty and 24 hour tech support/get yours today operators are standing by/this mood swing brought to you by gridlock's edit364/

2003-01-13 16:17:13 ET

sweet, but of course i had to read it twice because that's what idiots do.

2003-01-13 16:45:34 ET

phat rhymes, yo :-P

...and a new background, eh?

2003-01-13 16:47:03 ET

yeah well. circuitboards are so 1992

2003-01-13 17:09:53 ET

what's old is new :-P

2003-01-13 17:20:10 ET

In other words...







2003-01-13 17:22:25 ET

oh man: this is bad

i am listening to the spanish chick song from mulholland drive


2003-01-13 17:24:14 ET

next time i should actually watch all of mulholland drive hehehehe

2003-01-13 17:28:38 ET

No Hay Banda...

2003-01-13 22:51:33 ET

you need to write lyrics for me.

2003-01-14 00:54:34 ET

no hay orchestra...

2003-01-14 02:48:42 ET

Dok-i would be honored :)

TE- No hay boyfriend....


2003-01-14 03:50:37 ET

*hugs* I'll be your boy.

2003-01-14 04:43:30 ET


2003-01-14 05:03:33 ET

i listen to that song from Mullholland drive all the time when I am writing. It somehow makes me intensely emotional and provides beautfiul visuals.

(hugs raine)

2003-01-15 08:05:15 ET

no one needs boy/girlfriends. all you need is GYROs. Duh.


2003-01-15 08:17:48 ET

The soundtrack is amazing...
What few people realize, is that Llorando is actually Roy Orbison's Crying sung in Spanish, acapella.

Kind of amusing. :)

2003-01-15 08:21:49 ET

crihahaayyying :(
over you :(

is so sad

2003-01-15 12:17:07 ET

/me knew it was Crying.

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