2003-01-15 14:13:19 ET

i am following in diebonkt's footsteps here

DIGIT's band CY:RX is playing at the pyramid saturday.

everyone who can attend should; izzy is one of the most talented (and definitely THE most hardworking) musicians i know...

the pyramid is located on Avenue A in NYC somewhere around 7th or 8th streets.. and is home to digial murder

unfortunately it is only 21+

after events at batcave (by order of kids, not cy:rx, who dont endorse apoptygma berserk)

good music is rare

and should be rewarded

AND if anyone wants to eat sushi with myself and Chris303 beforehand all are welcome
(this means YOU digit&downrail, dont worry i'll spot you)

<3 sushi

maybe the place next to generation records?


2003-01-15 14:17:24 ET

I'm there....
Dinner's on me. :)

2003-01-15 14:18:37 ET

::hears magic words::
I'll be there for dinner! Woo!

2003-01-15 14:24:07 ET

hmmm.. i think i may be game for my first sk net dinner bash! keep me informed

2003-01-15 17:00:49 ET

i can make dinner better then i can buy it...sad but true :_\

2003-01-15 18:53:47 ET

Dinner would rock pretty damn hard. I haven't had sushi in a while. One problem for myself and Death Condition. We're banned 8 b

2003-01-16 02:50:42 ET

i know that:: but you guys are still welcome to dinner, this is something i'm setting up that doesnt involve dasK, this is for Izzy... and sushi, and generations, so my motives arent as pure as i'd like to believe ;)

but seriously that would be cool as hell if you guys came by
i think anyone who's going to the show to support Iz is probably going to batcave afterwards... ill let youknow what time the show starts when i know.. but dinner would have to be slightly early :: i have to sneak into pyramid @9 or so... so does Downrail... (kidtouchers!!!) but i'll keep ya'll informed

2003-01-16 03:39:44 ET

I am down for pre game dinner as well and I will be heading to BC afterwards so i do hope all of you show up cos I don't think I can handle it all alone :)

2003-01-16 11:58:17 ET

downrail and i are definately down for sushi: =)

2003-01-16 13:42:38 ET

yay!!!! allison for president, i mean.. .sushi, yeah!

besides you guysll get to watch me eat more wasabe than i can handle and cry alot (its the wasabe, i swear, i'm not emo!)

well apparently DC is cav'in it too, and i'm guessing the dinner group will split into two groups, ond going north, one going east, and of the ones that go east (to pyramid) everyone prolly will end up at batcave anyways; which is fine by me i have to leave right after the show to work at blockbuster

2003-01-16 15:20:55 ET

aw. we miss you again at BC Raine? one of these days you actually have to come out.

2003-01-16 15:51:19 ET

i really would rather be at QXT's than anywhere else, i'm soooo addicted to that place i swear... batcave is closer to home.. but its such a FARCE.

maybe next saturday =p


2003-01-17 13:44:44 ET

i'm too much of a pussy for much wasabe :-P

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