2003-01-20 17:12:41 ET

2003-01-20 17:19:44 ET

the pyramid...john holmstrom had his birthday party at a club called the pyramid...hmm...

2003-01-20 17:26:27 ET

craaazy girl

good luck

2003-01-20 17:31:24 ET

i wouldnt be dj'ing but i know me and dok are the only ppl who are 100% behind this; everyone else can hang for a couple of weeks, brandon has to tour; even chrs (mindless faith) is busy w/a new album...

dok is gonna drag prusik into this madness

2003-01-20 17:37:56 ET

I'm so there.

Lemme DJ.
I can be damn ecclectic. I swear.

2003-01-20 17:41:54 ET

i dont think it said POWER NOISE anywere on the flyer my love

but its the only way i'll get you in... >:p and save you from the farcecave again:

i already thought of noise: but i know even less about noise than i do about idm// and besides, noise has no draw unless theres a performer

2003-01-20 17:50:24 ET

I don't listen to much straight up noise, G.

I know plenty of tunes that'd fit the bill.
butyeah, I'll get into that conversation later.

And you wrote ambient!
If you like it dark .... :X

p.s. powernoise is a silly genre name.

2003-01-20 19:02:17 ET

Oh my god... I would love to come to this...
I think I'm supposed to be snowboarding with my little brothers on Saturday, but maybe I could make it back into the city...
Either way, <3!! GOOD LUCK!

2003-01-20 20:05:30 ET

it's not THIS saturday, but NEXT saturday. So you have no excuse storm.

And Raine, could you throw Jon Prusik on that flyer too?

(do you know his DJ name?)

2003-01-20 20:08:53 ET

word! i'm down! :-D
and brandon is cool as feck too!


2003-01-20 20:16:24 ET

Prusik = DJ Cliche

2003-01-21 02:51:48 ET

oooooo prusik's on there


you got it

i dont know his dj name tho... >=p

2003-01-21 03:59:13 ET

It's really DJ Cliche, I'm not just being silly or an asshole -

2003-01-21 04:17:56 ET

That's fucking hilarious for some reason, Justine...
"No, I'm not being a dick - that's REALLY his DJ name."

2003-01-21 11:44:04 ET

awesome, i think i can come!
i smell a good time on par with HellLab.
I'll bring the ether, you bring the rags.

2003-01-21 20:15:36 ET

>>i smell a good time on par with HellLab.

i love you andy:

2003-01-22 06:54:39 ET

*sweet jane*

2003-01-22 15:13:31 ET

nbk soundtrack??

2003-01-22 15:14:03 ET


The most romantic movie in history...

2003-01-22 15:14:53 ET

wow i get called sick0 when i say that

2003-01-22 15:15:38 ET

what?'s a love story though...

2003-01-22 15:15:44 ET

Yeah, me too... *blush*
It's a prerequisite for people I have relationships to be able to get a little snuggly over that movie.

2003-01-22 15:17:21 ET

sigh... i've been looking for my Mallory for years.

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