bling bling thug life posturing
2003-01-24 16:44:34 ET

Which Shame to Industrial Music Am I?

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"You are Bogart Shwadchuck of Epsilon Minus. You think the scene is a joke, and handle yourself accordingly. Your "bling bling thug life" posturing, underproduced "00ntz 00ntz" techno-centric music, and constant barage of smack-talking scene parodies damage your ability to be taken seriously. Which is OK, because pretty much no one has heard of you anyways. "

niicccccce... that would explain my backwards yankees cap :p

chillin at dbd haus w/Biomechanic.. prolly gonna head to q's and make stompy.

i quit my second job. so now i have more time to devote to what really matters.

i was going to do a very long, introspective, philosophical entry but i have company: and that is somewhat rude

i was supposed to be studyng for the SATs on the train.. but i ended up in the front car.. staring out the front window.. i got sucked into the colors, how the tracks reflected the green lights and the orange lights and the dark blue glow of the sky: (the J train is above ground) it swirled together in this dark delirious rainbow... watching beneath the train as the cars raced us, as firetrucks and red sirens flashed in and out of view; and ordinary objects that had somehow ended up on the tracks raced by underneath the train's path. a small whisky bottle, empty, that once contained human comfort, a night of warmth.

and the various colors of the small shops beneath blurring into further rainbow insanity: we slowed to a stop and the sidewalk was stained with purple velvet neon light, swimming into red... and the color... i realized i was nearly crying. listening to a cd dok242 made for me.. lassigue bendthaus... the airplanes substitute stars.. crawling the sky looking for somewhere safe like insects...trying to get home

well now i'm home, and i cant wait to get out again.

2003-01-24 19:44:30 ET

And now I'm at home and you're (hopefully) on the train to Q's.

Hope you had fun, kids.

2003-01-24 21:08:39 ET


Which Shame to Industrial Music Am I?

brought to you by Quizilla

2003-01-25 01:05:35 ET


Which Shame to Industrial Music Am I?

brought to you by Quizilla

You are Ronan Harris of VNV Nation. You have probably single-handedly sold more Access Virus synthesizers than their entire marketing campaign. Your reused presets leave everything you do sounding almost identical, including your remixes and production for other bands. You carry a sword, you carry a sword (through a battlefield).

2003-01-25 11:13:01 ET

i'm he aswhile Furax
very disturbing

2003-01-25 11:24:12 ET

Which Shame to Industrial Music Am I?

brought to you by Quizilla


2003-01-27 06:09:23 ET

Yo, that sounds like beautiful visual stimuli. This one girl I used to like said 'life can be defined by a rainbow.' I often reflect on that introspection and find truth in it in what I see and what I encounter.

2003-01-27 13:38:27 ET

i occaisionally have to question my identity / whether i can be accused of being a hippie, or an emo (i cry, sometimes)

but since it was on train tracks its ok... hehe

and it was beautiful.. often it takes me pushing myself to the edge (of sleep dep, food dep, over-club, over-work, etc) to see the things that shimmer... and now i'm hooked..

2003-01-27 13:40:56 ET

Damn hippies.

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