2003-01-26 06:14:12 ET

2003-01-26 06:28:00 ET

damn it, i actually wanted to see the pictures in this post,

i hope it comes back!

2003-01-26 06:31:57 ET

uhm. eep?

2003-01-26 06:38:40 ET

Image data accounts for half of the bandwidth consumed by subkultures.net. It's no suprise that companies are now getting wise to this and shutting off the ability to link to images.

2003-01-26 06:39:24 ET


2003-01-26 06:48:58 ET

I made a cool industrial remix of a Meat Beat Manifesto song on the PS2 game Frequency

2003-01-26 06:53:00 ET


2003-01-26 07:05:25 ET

Dude... is that ink real?

2003-01-26 07:06:56 ET

this entry is now the entry BEFORE it

and everything is real (!)

2003-01-26 07:10:50 ET

You f-ing rawk!!! I can't wait to see!!
I just got about 80% of my backpiece done on Friday!

2003-01-26 07:12:12 ET


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