7 2459-613952 3
2003-01-26 07:04:07 ET




cheap webcam = $22

web hosting = $5.95/month

proving to all your friends what a psychotic jack dangers/meat beat manifesto fan you are

2003-01-26 07:13:47 ET

marry me (:

2003-01-26 07:14:20 ET

oh my god
has that thing always been there?....
i like it.

2003-01-26 07:15:16 ET

it just happened last night!

2003-01-26 07:15:59 ET


now i wanna do another tatt
i had that feeling all day long
but now i'm sure

2003-01-26 07:17:21 ET


2003-01-26 07:29:02 ET

hehe thx

2003-01-26 07:31:23 ET

girl, you have given me the best idea ever ;)

2003-01-26 07:49:47 ET

Storm the Studio : )~
I have to wait three months

2003-01-26 07:57:47 ET

wow girl. fucking awesome. did you shave the head too?

2003-01-26 08:28:42 ET

i fucking heart your tatt!!!

reminds me I need to get thinkgreenwearblack.com up and running...

2003-01-26 08:35:34 ET

You rock so HARD Raine babe!!

2003-01-26 08:52:09 ET

hehe yay... and i did shave my head: yes i did, nothing new or excessive, just bic'ed underneath.. i didnt feel like dealing with it anymore.(the fuzz) it still looks somewhat business-compatible

i am so glad the reception is good
this thing is permanent, you know. and i made the decision while hardc0re sleep deprived.. so my perception have could be off point... lol wait till prusik sees my thing he's gonna fucking flip:

2003-01-26 08:53:00 ET

wo0o0o00o sexy tatt, sexy shivin head, just plain sexy

2003-01-26 09:05:14 ET

*bows* we're not worthy, your k0riness.

2003-01-26 09:51:33 ET

magnificent, isn't she?

she was so good at the tattoo shop, when she first felt the needle, she said "that's it?"

2003-01-26 09:59:04 ET


truly hardcore.

2003-01-26 10:04:01 ET

yeah your hardcore babe. You realize of course this week that 4 of us shaved our heads....lol. It's pretty funny, i guess we are like a gang now.

it looks fucking great Raine. Just don't scratch it. :)

2003-01-26 10:34:16 ET

hippie ;-)

2003-01-26 10:43:50 ET

Recycle your pets.

Lot cooler than Rabbit in the Moon. ; )

2003-01-26 13:06:31 ET


*untZ* etc.

2003-01-26 13:34:49 ET

rock. =)

-The Joker

2003-01-26 13:35:33 ET

hot girl...totally sweet.
I have to tell you - after four hours with a needle drilling into my back/ribcage, even the STORMINATOR had involuntary tears welling. :(
I can't wait to see!!!

2003-01-26 13:35:48 ET

she's so ub3r.

2003-01-26 13:40:29 ET

wannaseethe stormback

2003-01-26 13:41:49 ET

I'm still at the rents house - when I get home, I'll experiment with some Over-The-Shoulder photographeeee...
Make sure you keep your tat nice and lubed. This weather is hard on new ink. :(

2003-01-26 13:46:54 ET


2003-01-26 13:55:22 ET

yes, the lube is important.

-The Joker

2003-01-26 13:58:03 ET

heheheh, nothing more important than good lubrication.

2003-01-26 14:50:09 ET

yeah its all greased up like bacon now

i cant wait to go to FL and be surfing w/my dad, put on a boy-wetsuit w/shivven head and tattoo, and have him be all like 'NEW YORK ATE my DAUGHTER nnooooo!"

2003-01-26 15:44:43 ET

I'm so gonna get blamed for this.

2003-01-26 16:05:26 ET

"AHHHH! What do you mean one of the arrows is backwards?!"

-The Joker

2003-01-26 18:12:47 ET

umm... this is gross.. the top part is all sticky. and it looks like theres gooey charcoal coming from my arm.

help me...

2003-01-26 18:43:04 ET

I dunno, thats pretty c0re there babe. No one else bleeds charc0al. are you "mesquite"?

-The Joker

2003-01-26 18:49:35 ET

haha anything as long as it's barbecue =)

<3 bbq.

2003-01-26 18:51:29 ET

your right i am c0re. makeup is for pussies


2003-01-26 18:52:19 ET


ah, Ripley, my goddess....

2003-01-26 18:58:22 ET

Woah... no eyeliner dbd???
Amazing. Haha

2003-01-26 18:58:37 ET

Woah... no eyeliner dbd???
Amazing. Haha

2003-01-26 18:59:44 ET

okay lets set the record straight
theres nothing fappable about people with bad tattos who laze around the house in spaghetti stained wifebeaters and wake up at 8 pm.

haha at least i didnt watch the superbowl

2003-01-26 18:59:51 ET

she doesn't need it.

2003-01-26 19:00:29 ET

hehe no eyeliner = B0yc0re!

2003-01-26 19:04:29 ET


Those little bits down on my lower ribcage went OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

2003-01-26 19:05:36 ET


......i want you: o_O

2003-01-26 19:05:40 ET

Now that's fap material.


2003-01-26 19:07:12 ET

Heh... GeishaKore.

2003-01-26 19:07:17 ET

umm.. i have to go to the bathroom.. ill be right back.. yeah...

2003-01-26 19:10:39 ET

Yo... no more then I do.

<3 <3 <3

BTW - don't worry about your tattoo "leaking"... it will stop after a day or two. Just DON'T PICK AT IT. It will make you lose ink and scab poorly. :)

2003-01-26 19:13:06 ET

nyc.fapc0re in full effect, bitchezzz

i havent picked at it at all. im about to go to bed and hope i dont roll over on it... youre definitely sleeping on your stomach tonight...

2003-01-26 19:14:45 ET

No fucking shit. At my parents house it seemed like everyone HAD to punch, pat, scratch, etc. my fucking back. *grrrrrrr....*
Sleep beautiful, little thing. You should come hang out at El Dungeone tomorrow or something.

2003-01-26 19:16:27 ET


someones getting a phone call tomorrow

'night stormy =) :hugz:

2003-01-26 19:48:36 ET

'Night rainey.....

2003-01-26 19:49:41 ET

Go back to sleep....

2003-01-26 19:56:02 ET

that's MY line, Bio...

"shhhhhh!!! I'm not doing anything! Go back to sleep!!!"


2003-01-26 20:00:18 ET

I said that last night. ;)

2003-01-26 20:08:25 ET

To bio.

2003-01-26 20:11:57 ET

nah, he was wide awake for that part. ;)

2003-01-26 21:12:58 ET

the storm small of the back curve is a most fappable curve. I am speaking in purely mathematical terms, of course. You can see in the famous Axogorean formula

(<sum>[fappability]lim->?)({small o back curvature}*unf) = MUCHO.

2003-01-26 21:26:24 ET

recycle! hehe...cool! :-)
like it

and STORM is hot! ;-D

2003-01-26 21:35:10 ET

yeah, that boyfriend of hers is lucky motherfucker. ;)

2003-01-26 21:36:01 ET

yes...he definitely is

2003-01-26 23:00:16 ET

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Der Fapping Dome.

Nice work on both of you... As for the bbq I want some DAMN RIBS! THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET HERE!

-The Joker

2003-01-27 02:28:10 ET


2003-01-27 04:22:31 ET

Axo: FAPSCIENCE - the only scientific discipline worth really applying yourself to.

Furax: Who IS this guy I keep hearing about?? Lol...

Joker: o_0 No dice man... I need those things to protect my lungs. I <3 Lungs.

Bio: Word up.

2003-01-27 04:24:50 ET

douz points.

2003-01-27 07:27:33 ET

Why must I be tortured by the lack of good ol' fashioned unhealthy bbq ribs in my area?

-The Joker

2003-01-27 07:39:11 ET

Jokemang...don't you have cheap Chinee spareribs somewheres? Those are good...at least...I recall them to be good, 10 plus years ago...:P </shlebbetarian>

*winks at Furax*

hey Stormy, is that a Chinese silk painting on yer back? Please tell us the origin, if it is not a sekrit.

2003-01-27 07:51:34 ET

No it's a Hiroshige Japanese woodblock print of Camellias with a woodfinch - a play on contradictions, as Camellias are a winterblooming flower, and woodfinches are a herald of spring. The poem scribbled in grassscript down the side speaks of miraculous rebirth.
R-to-the-ennaissance. hahaha...

2003-01-27 09:30:12 ET

ok, so now i'm jealous and can't wait to turn 18 so i can get my first tatt

2003-01-27 09:30:20 ET

i'm getting a moonphase band

2003-01-27 09:45:21 ET

camelias and woodfinches get along fine in the current LA warm winter! :) I live not far from an enormous camelia forest...Descanso Gardens. I am glad you have been and will be reborned, storminatah.

2003-01-27 13:43:06 ET

>>> As for the bbq I want some DAMN RIBS! THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET HERE!

haha jokah, you saying that west coast morbid chickees have a .. ah... meat problem?

lol i would so bbq storm's ribs !!! haha o_O

2003-01-27 14:06:30 ET

there are plenty of ribs to ssssuck the marrow from, around here! :B

2003-01-27 14:55:36 ET

Storm, you know who "this guy" is! :-P

2003-01-27 14:58:32 ET

he's one lucky mothafucka tell you what >:p

gets all the fly honeys

2003-01-27 14:58:55 ET

Hahaha... oh yeah.
My boyfriend I think.

2003-01-27 15:05:34 ET

eh, rub it in

i'll get mine back

just watch >:p

2003-01-27 15:08:15 ET

:)Ok... I believe you.
"Jump in de line... "

2003-01-27 20:16:51 ET

man i need to come to new york all the pretty people are there

2003-01-27 20:22:44 ET


2003-01-27 21:30:35 ET

future ex-wife material, lol

2003-01-28 03:01:46 ET

You already know all the pretty ones, they're on here. The rest are damn ugly. Stay in LA, there's more beautiful people out one any given night than we have in all of NYC.

2003-01-28 04:30:13 ET

beautiful - AND surgically enhanced. :-P

2003-01-28 09:35:25 ET

nothin' wrong with re-creational wreckreational surgery!


2003-01-28 10:05:24 ET

unless you've got that great can-opener-esque scarring like so many pr0n stars

2003-01-28 10:05:59 ET

Ugh... THROUGH THE ARMPIT ladies... through the armpit.

2003-01-28 10:07:16 ET

belly button!

2003-01-28 10:09:58 ET

i've actually seen the belly button method on the surgery chanel...it was pretty interesting really

2003-01-28 10:12:50 ET

i've never heard of that method, bet it would feel weird to have liquid sacks pushing their way up through your torso

2003-01-28 10:13:31 ET

I think that it would feel weird to have liquid sacks suspended from your torso.

::not wearing a bra as we speak::

2003-01-28 10:16:03 ET

especially for a male (i used to weigh about 250)

2003-01-28 10:29:26 ET

...actually they don't inject the liquid until they're in position :-P

::not wearing a bra either::


2003-01-28 13:24:25 ET

I don't think the LA rivetbois are surgically enhanced

2003-01-28 14:16:02 ET

Aside from that fucking chip in my brain...

ARGH! ow.
-The Joker

2003-01-28 14:38:13 ET

Ooo, it's the latest thing :no knickers either*

2003-01-28 18:19:39 ET

drill it out, joker

like in the end of 'pi'...

2003-01-29 07:40:45 ET

Insomnia, did you conduct a survey? ;)

2003-01-29 08:54:51 ET

Drill your head for MATH.

Axo, she inspected them all personally. :-/

2003-01-29 09:05:08 ET

a coleman drill, an unsolvable equation, and a lobotomy, sounds like a fun friday night 3:|

2003-01-29 09:05:15 ET

a coleman drill, an unsolvable equation, and a lobotomy, sounds like a fun friday night 3:|

2003-01-29 10:29:16 ET

"drill it out, joker"
I love it when they talk dirty...

No way Im drilling this thing out of my head I could end up a vegetable, or accidentally cure my tourette's! Fuck that...
But just for fun I tried out the procedure -

-The Joker

2003-01-29 11:53:11 ET

and i thought those freckles on my face were distracting

2003-01-29 11:56:42 ET

hah hahahaha! You just changed that from wart to freckles. !!


2003-01-29 11:57:44 ET

yeah, cause i don't have a wart but i do have freckles, plus i didn't want folks to think i was some warty beast

2003-01-29 12:01:22 ET

*points very rudely*


I kid, I kid.
*does silly little jig*

2003-01-29 12:04:42 ET

HEY! i just payed a 15 dollar copay at the doctor to get the freak title removed dammit!

2003-01-29 12:06:27 ET

Ooooo. Rich kid. *mugs you*

2003-01-29 13:29:47 ET

hahaha now that is just funny

i would get DRILLED for MATH

2003-01-29 17:37:24 ET

You just got Drilled for Meat.

2003-01-29 18:01:36 ET

drilled WITH meat. it's totally different, y0.

2003-01-30 01:01:20 ET

::getting Tetsuo Iron Man flashbax:: NOOOOOOOOOOO!

-The Joker

2003-01-30 08:49:48 ET

i think i prefer the drilled for math, but thanks

2003-01-30 08:50:41 ET

then i might be able to understand my calc book

2003-01-30 13:03:29 ET

no off-shore drilling! :D

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