2003-01-27 15:41:47 ET

he is gone.

whatever it is you're looking for, i hope you find it.



2003-01-27 15:43:27 ET

mmmm. ... :/

2003-01-27 15:44:38 ET

2003-01-27 15:45:54 ET

What Storm said. Don't hope too hard. . . everyone can counsel me to just let go, but when they're faced with a similar situation, can they take their own advice? It's hard, isn't it?

2003-01-27 15:53:07 ET

i hope _you're_ happy :P

2003-01-27 15:56:25 ET

i take my own advice...

2003-01-27 18:25:08 ET

It's easy to fight the bull from the stands...
Give yourself some time to mourn him - losing a lover is like having a friend die sometimes.
I hope he has chosen the best path for himself...
I hope that in the end it's best for you too...

We're here for you. We all love you. You are strong enough to do this, get through this... and be stronger and more resilient after you've healed.

2003-01-27 19:41:32 ET

he left because he needed to.

in time, the hole in your universe will be plugged withthe debris he's left behind in your life. In the meantime, LIVE.

2003-01-28 04:39:39 ET

And remember... LIVE spelled backwards spells... E.V.I.L!!!
Woop! Hahaha...

2003-01-29 17:47:36 ET

HEY!!! I took that picture...

2003-01-30 17:11:28 ET

heh did any of the ones of DasK come out?

**anxiously awaits new avatar*

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