the way of the gun
2003-01-29 17:50:39 ET

so kids.. i'm incredibly sleep deprived, i'll keep this short...

i took some new pic's to cheer someone up and now they've found their way into my bio...

last night was fun; i went to open air to see my friend heartworm spin.. doktor242 brought his laptop and MIDI controller... Storm and Furax as well as my friend Chris (exeris) showed up to chill... i basically sat in the corner with a ton of flyers for my idm night too nervous to hand them out.. playing with the computer and procrastinating... heartworm's set was fucking amazing; he wanted to come out and spin for me but he has to go touring in canada... i would have chickened out of flyering altogether if Storm hadn't fed me a drink and went with me; it was kind of like when your dad is helping you ride a bike, pushing you along.. and you dont even notice when he let's go.. soon i was actually conversating with people etc. i have two dj's lined up and an artist, which is good because its going to be weekly now and not bi-weekly.

this really cool girl with a game boy and a kaoss pad and other toys was making glitch music... after open air we went to the typical after club diner (odessa) and i took a cab home to get sleep instead of the subway.. extra $$ but i figured it was worth it: instead i ended up dicking around on until 1 am.. i cant remember the last time i got more than 5 hours of sleep: 4 seems to be average.. i now think that it wasnt really the second job: it was me.. i had to turn down watching a movie w/my friend who's having girl problems to get sleep and now look at me, i'm typing an entry. Digit used to always do sleep deprivation and get away with it; i can't.. i have to take stacker2's to stay awake..and i fucking hate those things.. this compulsive behavior is killing me

add to that the fact that i have about 1/4 of the normal amount of blood as usual..its a medical thing.. and i'm pretty hallucinatory right now.. there were so many things i had to get done today; i had a to-do list like 20 or so items long and i have done nothing. i can't focus enough to study the SAT's (i still have my heart set on architecture school)... im having problems eating.. oneof my good friends says that something has to be bothering me because i got impulsive and got trashed this weekend and got a tattoo (i was sober for the tattoo) and that displays behavior of someone who is upset about something.. only i cant figure out what it is.. i just got broken up with and although i dramatized it i didnt think the effects were this far-reaching... maybe it's something else.. i cant figure it out, and honestly right now i'm too tired to bother... plus i have to work on my set list..

things that suck:
my computer had to boot up 7 times to make it past log-in
(i am infested with viruses; dont bother giving me suggestions, much like my blood problem it is hopeless)

AND my cell phone got cut off. ghetto fabulous.
the snow was very beautiful today, but i cant keep thinking about going down to florida for two weeks in April with Doktor242. i'm not going to bother analyzing whether or not i was happier here or there; it doesn't matter; i just exist, and had my share of complaints there too.. i juar need to take better care of myself i guess

good night guys
sweet dreams to all

love (and a bullet)


2003-01-29 17:52:37 ET


...that is all.

2003-01-29 17:52:41 ET

you own a gun???!!!!

2003-01-29 17:55:28 ET

i love you. get some rest.

2003-01-29 18:10:32 ET

good night! sleep tight

2003-01-29 18:52:12 ET

<3worm ...he rocks :-)

was good to see him...almost didn't recognize hm with the new haircut! :-P

hope his tour goes well though...was good to see you 'raine :-D


2003-01-29 20:07:20 ET

<looks at dbd's bio>

you lose points for replacing Coil with Aslan FARCE.

2003-01-29 23:08:25 ET

Yes... Coil should lose all affiliate relations.
Although I secretly <3 the aforementioned A. Farce. :)

2003-01-30 02:49:28 ET

i didnt replace them at all

maybe i forgot to put them in there
but they're not replaced...

i <3 coil

and i DEFINITELY <3 skinny little florida boi's with good taste in electronica

2003-01-30 04:05:37 ET

your cell phone got cut off? I found mine in my drive way, all smashed up!

I'm seriously gonna have to hit open air up sometime for a jammy jam ;)

2003-01-30 09:14:20 ET

sleep dep can be fun , but yeah stackers definitely suck, try tons of mormon tea (it's got ephedrine in it rather than caffiene)

2003-01-30 12:10:23 ET

haha, dbd loves coil, thats great! remember who introduced you beeatch!

2003-01-30 16:19:21 ET

she gives props to you for the broccoli, DC.

Praveen, you should hit me and dbd's night on saturday!

2003-01-30 16:25:15 ET

lol, nice! where you gonna be at? downstairs?

2003-01-30 18:45:41 ET

you bet. It's gonna r0xx0r.

2003-01-30 21:02:40 ET

sounds good! good luck with it, ill try to stop by one of these weeks!

2003-01-31 04:13:27 ET

good luck Chris, remember you're banned and it's 21+ so you'd have a hard time getting in anyway. . .

2003-01-31 05:44:51 ET

you know what? i think i might check you guys out after work. i prolly wouldn't be able to make it to the city until like 11:30 though...

im totally feeling up for an adventure ;)

2003-01-31 06:52:26 ET

i miss the east coast now, all we have here is weak goth crap

2003-01-31 09:01:36 ET

thats cool, praveen, we're gonna start warming up the good shit around 1130!

automata, come visit!

2003-01-31 09:51:23 ET

im not banned, ...and im the slickest when it comes to getting in 21+ places ;) i don't think ill be able to make it out this week, but in the future i will attempt to make an appearence! as my days at the pyramid are long and far between lol

2003-01-31 10:24:17 ET

i'll be coming out to the east in about a year (getting a new job and making more money first)

2003-01-31 14:19:27 ET

re: coil - how could i forget? ;)

DC- i gotta hand it to you for being a real good sport about this.. i'm already getting Bio in and he's under 18.. i couldnt even get in myself unless i was doing what i'm doing.. but seriously... the way you've acted about this displays top-notch maturity... not that i DIDNT think you were mature ;) but seriously, its how a person acts under certain situations that
show you what their character is made up of.. and you rock my dear..

Insom- he knows. and i dont think he needs reminding. it will be a non-issue if my night does well enough.

until then, hang in there kids im working as hard as i can w/o killing myself.

thx. -d

2003-01-31 14:23:44 ET

thanks DBD, i try ;)

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