2003-01-31 16:15:32 ET

i have made a miraculous recovery, thanks to DAY QUIL. and ADVIL. and chloraseptic,and cough drops. oh yeah.

and sleep. for once, i slept 8 1/2 hours.

i am so happy to live in the 21st century right now.
everyone who can come out to cross-platform (if you dont know click on the link) this saturday, let me know i havent been driving myself into the ground for nothing...
PM me if you want reduced.

and Lord Tennyson said everything that ever needed to be said about bitterness. in a poem called 'locksley hall' he rips the FUCK out of his cousin Amy (who won't return his.. um... love?) some of the lines are fucking CLASSIC.

Cursed be the social wants that sin against the strenght of youth!!!
Cursed be the social lies that warp us from the living truth!!!

(why be drawn to that which brings pain? he asks himself:)
Am I mad that I should cherish that which bears but bitter fruit?
I will pluck it from my bosom; though my heart be at the root!!

Can i think of her as dead, and love her for the love she bore?
No- she never loved me truly: love is love forevermore.

(obviously she has rejected him:: he wonders how he can live on and forget and here comes the best part-)

Overlive it--lower yet-- be happy... wherefore should i care?
I must mix myself with action, lest i whither by despair!!!"

words i am living by right now...

i cant wait for valentines day.

everyhting else i wanted to say today
can be found in my response here:

2003-01-31 17:14:48 ET

i CAN wait for valentines day. i could wait forever.

nyquil is great too.

2003-01-31 17:21:49 ET

Fucking Bad ass... girl.
My brother may be coming with me tomorrow.

2003-01-31 17:23:51 ET

hey storm. you're gonna go to qxts?

2003-01-31 17:31:05 ET

fuck valentine's day.

in the ass.

rocc0 style.

2003-01-31 18:35:37 ET

V Day= wack
Just another day, seriously, lookit it this way..being without someone clears your head and helps you realize who you are and what you want better, in Relationships a person must share themselves, maintain shit.
Its better to build yourself up and be more content with yourself so when you get in a relationship you can share happiness with them instead of sadness/misery

2003-01-31 18:52:09 ET

the ideal relationship would be one where the sharing is automatic... it's not even something you think about.. it just IS.

*rendering still in progress.--..-..-.-...-..---..-.--..

2003-02-01 04:15:12 ET

Coral - I agree 100%. Some girl I was with once once told me that in order to able to be with other people, you have to first be able to be by yourself. Makes a lotta sense, it was an eye-opener for me at the time.

Dok - lolz!

2003-02-01 11:05:27 ET

>>I agree 100%. Some girl I was with once once told me that in order to able to be with other people, you have to first be able to be by yourself.

An ex of mine told me that once, and he was talking very specifically about sex, if you know what I mean. Fuckers.

2003-02-01 11:42:14 ET

Heh heh heh J. :))

She was talking about emotional well being. You have to love yourself before you can really love someone else.

2003-02-01 11:50:18 ET

I know that TE. A lot of people use that saying when talking about emotional well being. My ex was the sicko who made it sex related.

2003-02-01 14:49:19 ET

I am almost always alone, its my choice to be without relationships,sex,and hooking up and crap like that..Been like that for a loong time.

It has many benefits such as NO DRAMA, and gives me time to get things situated with myself, in reality no one will completely love themselves but shit..isnt it great to have the coast COMPLETELY clear and have something ''accidently'' fall on your lap when you arent even looking or dealing with boy/girl crap, And you're like..all situated n shit..
::Babbling Deactivated::

2003-02-02 01:18:27 ET

heh heh. I agree on the Drama. Drama = hate.

2003-02-02 10:12:48 ET

Well either way..the minute one starts dating,going out with, hooking up,screwing ..or whatever..oh believe Starts.

If i'm ever in the situation i just shrug it off as ''So what..people dislike me or the other person now''What is anyone going to do? sit around and SAY STUFF to everyone but that person or i? and not do anything about it?

uh oh..i just spotted some candy i'm claiming it!!!

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