CAUTION: this post contains no depth whatsoever..
2003-02-17 12:03:58 ET

hahaha looking back over my writing it lookse so goddamn CHEESY sometimes.. sometimes i'm on point.. but sometimes i'm melodramatic...

we interrupt 'deep thoughts by DBD' to bring you..

the long awaited weekend report...

Friday i was all like 'screw valentine's day' and after cutting some strings i went to Nowhere, Brooklyn and made music with Doktor242... long live the novation nova..

SaturdayCROSS PLATFORM was fucking AWESOME for the last night, even if no-one had showed up i would have been happier than a pig in slop b/c of how well the DJ's did... but almost everyone showed up.. almost.. which was good enough.. it was bangin' downstairs!!! not as packed as Cybertron but we didn't pander to idiots by playing dumb techno!!! ironically, this was the best night downstairs we ever had but i lost money because of upstairs doing badly.. but the night we made the most money (aka enough to cover flyers AND cab's w/equipment) was the night we had three ppl downstairs (Wintermute and DP included!!!) so it all balances out... i have to say i have learned alot trying to do something like this; i knew the format was slightly different and its not your usual accessory to an industrial night.. usually industrial nights are paired up with 80's or bad goth nights.. so i wasnt sure how industrial kids would take idm/dnb/triphop.....but now i know what's possible (with the right venue, of course) and the right atmosphere.. i honestly am boycotting the batcave from now on. they threw out my flyers every time i put them out.. which is just childish.. if you really run the 'best night' you shouldnt have to resort to b/s tactics like that.. the music is terrible. the atmosphere is negative. i am officially boycotting batcave from now on. i will hang out with ppl, i will go to q's.. i am contemplating boycotting pyramid b/c the mgr is such a dick.. I'm even giving up the NCC show in 2 weeks.. oh well. they just run off their DAT anyways and i can get their kurzweil patches and sit at home trying to figure out their songs..

but jesus christ saturday night was fun. thats what i really wanted it to be like; i got attitude from the club manager because (he's a dick) but also because there were so many ppl downstairs that it was making upstairs look bad.. so ppl pop their heads in and all they see was upstairs.. which i heard was empty for a while... and then they wouldnt come in club.. which i understand.. but seriously, thank you for everyone who came out, a super fucking thanks to my dj's aaron spectre and G-DAM (you guys fucking RAWK), Bio, prusik and doktor242... bio you fucking rocked... everyone give me or d242 their set lists so i can post them.. im going to make a dj demo cd of my own slickest segways etc.. just a sampler of what you would have heard at a typical CP night.. haha the manager was so pissed about ppl being there that he cut power at 245 when there were still mad ppl downstairs and i didnt get to spin; but i don't care and for only 3 nights running... to have one night that good.. and its been mad snowy and whatnot..

sundayi went to contempt , stayed out till 4 hanging out with someone i never thought i'd get a chance to know.. (lol its all about the industrial uber elitist yahoo group!!! yah!! got hit on HARDCORE by a famous techno dj who i will keep anonymous.. but he def. came across as an asshole.. and i was trying to get rid of him for awhile.. i didnt know who he was.. didnt catch his DJ name.. so i was just like 'eh its just an anonymous creep telling me he's famous' he was all like 'i BROUGHT techno to the NYC scene' i was all like 'first off you creep, if i had a dollar for everyone who told me this..' little did i know he was actually telling a half-truth.. then i was all like 'well if you're responsible for this then its my duty to STAB YOU. hahaha im really not saying who this was but it was really fucking funny.. i stayed out really late & had to walk home in 3 feet of fcking snow, fortunately work called off.. mine and justine's.. so guess what
monday (today)

it is closed for business, but not so closed that myself and INSOMNIA cant be here on the inter-web listening to converter.. dicking around eating candy and drinking soda... i dont feel bad b/c we're snowed in, i already wrote for a good 2 hours today.. theres nothing else to do.. i may go out to CBGB's art gallery to see someones band that i met last night.. i'm supposed to give him a copy of reason2.0- for the Maelstrom graintable synth but my copy is scratched.. his band is called Eisdrive i think?

i havent slept at all.. not since 2 days ago.. i'm pulling an izzy.. but i'm having fun.. me and insom took pic's in the snow.. and i'm all hyper.. so yah.. i just wanted to take a break from the deep journal entries.. still studying.. still working on the book.. still going to go for architecture school.. but goddamn do i deserve a break.. thanks to everyone for making the last cross platform night fucking kick ass.. i love you all...

2003-02-17 12:09:51 ET

Does Sonic Groove mean anything to ya? ;)

2003-02-17 12:09:53 ET

actually, I wouldn't be pissed if he shut us down at 2.45 when noone was there like last week... but he shut us down at 2.10 when we had 9 or 10 people down there. I almost punched him in the fucking face. I hope he dies in a fire.

2003-02-17 12:11:14 ET

d00d whats with all the face-punchy lately?

2003-02-17 12:16:43 ET

my 'amount of shit I'll take' counter has ben decremented to zero.

heheheh... count zero interrupt. :)

2003-02-17 12:17:25 ET

dood.. praveen.. how did you know?

2003-02-17 12:19:15 ET

Praveen the DJ she's talking about is involved in that. What a moron. He hates me because I wore a t-shirt LAST YEAR on the back of which I wrote "friends don't let friends spin techno." He's like "you closed minded bitch you don't know what good techno is let me show you blahblahblah" so then I ignored him cause he's short anyway and that's easy to do -

Web2zone rocks when it's closed -

2003-02-17 12:20:30 ET

the funny thing was i acted all badass and was like 'i run an IDM night at pyramid' and was like 'funny.. he doesnt LOOK impressed'...

2003-02-17 12:32:08 ET

the pyramid ain't exactly what I'd call impressive, hon.

2003-02-17 12:35:37 ET

theres nowhere else that doesnt cost thousands of dollars.

i mean, we could rent downtime for $1800. on a sunday.

sound good to you?

2003-02-17 12:39:28 ET

The FAMOUS TECHNO DJ wasn't Richard Humpty Vission was it?

2003-02-17 12:40:46 ET

lol no no it wasnt..

2003-02-17 12:44:24 ET

web2zone is a farce all the time.

My playlist is on my page.

CrossPlatform was total fun.
Rock on. \m/.

2003-02-17 12:45:28 ET

if i rented downtime, I'd feel compelled to smear dogshit all over the walls.

2003-02-17 12:47:48 ET

My friend had her sweet sixteen at Downtime on a Monday. 8]

Oh yeah, Downtime are a bunch of bitches.
I was flyering for the Death in June show there.
And the lady at the door was like "Oh, cool... it's not a Saturday night event is it?"
And it wasn't, it was for Sunday night, and then she let me put them there and she took one herself.

Then at the end of the night they threw 'em out. Fuckers.

But you can understand why they don't want to have your flyers there since you are competing nights.

2003-02-17 12:51:36 ET

So violent... see thats why I listen to Hardcore Rap, its just safer, its not so much about violence and anger.

Let us all hug. ;)
-The Joker

2003-02-17 12:53:55 ET

no but LAST TIME I CHECKED DOWNTIME DOES NOT OWN THE EAST VILLAGE. they think they do and throw out flyers accordingly, which i think is a slap in the face of the free market!

2003-02-17 12:54:29 ET

Thats what you get you jack booted facists!
-The Joker

2003-02-17 12:54:33 ET

Dude... neither of you should really have to RENT places - all the places I've scouted so far have had "You keep the door, WE keep the bar policies." No bar guarantee... nothing! All these shitty venues are purely farcical...
Have you talked to Opaline??

2003-02-17 12:56:26 ET

oops sorry Joker i only meant to delete one! i hate it when i double post!!!

storm- i havent talked to anyone yet, im just tired.. im taking a break for a month, imma hand out demo cd's in the meantime and hang around the IDM kids ..

2003-02-17 12:58:31 ET

haha thats okay, I went in and changed one so they were different, my bad... behold me fixing it.

::begins chanting over chicken parts::

see? all better.
-The Joker

2003-02-17 12:59:12 ET

2003-02-17 12:59:38 ET

heheh chicken parts... buck-AWK!!!


2003-02-17 13:03:04 ET

*LOL* i thought you were suppose to divine over chicken parts....the chanting happens after you rip its head out...or was that dancing...shit i'm lost

2003-02-17 13:06:17 ET

It's Santeria.... pretty much everything goes. I once saw an altar where a Darth Vader action figure was used to represent a Dark God.
heh yeah chicken parts are usually used for divining, but they can be ingredients for any number of effects, esp. as a sacrifice.
- The Joker

2003-02-17 13:07:07 ET

Hrm-hrm... I practiced Santeria for 4 years... I'm an initiate of Oya.


2003-02-17 13:09:00 ET

Wow, you gain points every day Storm!

-The Joker

2003-02-17 13:09:29 ET

really my currently deceased psychonaut partner was a practioner of santeria, but i think he did it just to cut the heads off of labradors...i always let that be his field of knowledge i have some books laying around here on it but it never tickled any thing near my fancy....i guess the real question is how do you keep from laughing everytime you look down and see darth vader there...

2003-02-17 13:12:51 ET

I couldn't. I lost it, completely cracked the fuck up. I mean I dont practice, but I studied various religions and the occult, and have respect for others beliefs, but as I said "Come on, it's Darth fuckin' Vader!"

P.S. Psychonaut? Sounds cool.

-The Joker

2003-02-17 13:16:43 ET

psychonaut....fellow abuser/user of psychodelic drugs, together he and i searched out and did all the psychodelic we possibly could.... here in indy he was basically infamous, he was called the voodoo queen...he was on loan from chicago but they forgot to take him back and when he finally found himself there the heroin got to him....he died about a year ago...

2003-02-17 13:19:04 ET

>>>Wow, you gain points every day Storm!

she does doesnt she??

2003-02-17 13:19:47 ET

Man, Im sorry to hear that, but I guess those are the risks... nontheless, loss of a comrade is always sad. Sounds like you would probably have some interesting stories though.

DBD - Yeah, soon she shall be able to redeem them for small plastic toys like at a Chuck E. Cheese. Go Storm!

-The Joker

2003-02-17 13:21:47 ET

storys i have, and a long list of drugs exprimented with, as for barry the deceased... we all saw it coming, he did especially, he prepared for it and he accepted it, the only people left wondering were his parents....

2003-02-17 13:22:11 ET

Yeah... I lived in the Bronx for a couple of years, and I would see Chango shrines in the street outside the botegas, with amazingly cheesy St. Barbera statues, BARBIE dolls, plates of cooked food and birdseed, half-empty 40 bottles!!!!

Caribbean Gang Banger types would walk past and dig in the pockets of their North Face jackets for coins to drop in the offering bowls..

Amazing modern primitivism.

2003-02-17 13:23:51 ET

sounds beautiful in a concrete skinned knee sort of way....

2003-02-17 13:24:52 ET

Heh... beautiful in a bitten canker sore kind of way...

2003-02-17 13:25:46 ET

Yeah, I can dig it...
-The Joker

2003-02-17 13:29:13 ET

pain is an accent to life like salt is to food, i have never seen the bronx with my own eyes so i have no idea what it looks like, vibes like, feels like....

so are you still in with oya or have you wandered to something else?

2003-02-17 13:30:27 ET

yeah i had to accept the fact that a certain best friend in florida will prolly die before he's 30

i cried about it for a whole night

2003-02-17 13:31:49 ET

Well, she's a vindictive sort of lay-die...I sort of strayed from the path of devotion a while ago, and I get a bit fearful of invoking her now.
But anyone who's been to my house knows I still have my blood-spattered statue of St. Therese on my windowsill, with a bowl full of copper pieces floating in rum.

2003-02-17 13:36:01 ET circle of little freaks here in indy have a patron diety who also enjoys rum, i'm thinking the name can anyone guess...??

2003-02-17 13:36:06 ET

you kick ass.

-The Joker

2003-02-17 13:39:23 ET

Ummm... PeterGraves?

2003-02-17 13:44:04 ET

okay maybe i should narrow it down a bit, heres my only clue after this i'll just admit it and blow the whole game...

indianapolis is called by those who prepare the tourism propganda "the crossroads of america"....

2003-02-17 14:05:56 ET

okay times up its Baron Samedi, there have even been drug induced sightings but they were probably just crackheads...

2003-02-17 14:08:46 ET

Baron Samedi? The secret character from 007 Goldeneye?

im fucking lost...

2003-02-17 14:12:46 ET


2003-02-17 14:14:15 ET

haha i was reading your bio, petergraves.. good to know im not the only one who's schizotypal!!

2003-02-17 14:32:15 ET

oh yeah its fine though...i'm not voilent or anything, just sometimes when i start talking to people about things they can't follow along...and to tell the truth...i'm fine with that...

2003-02-17 14:33:12 ET

haha. The Batcave is fuckin' wack.

2003-02-17 14:39:25 ET

I want my motherfuckin' money back.

2003-02-17 14:40:28 ET

I used to work next to there. What a dump.

2003-02-17 14:43:16 ET

nice. thank you. no more batcave. i will fucking stay home and play old sierra games on a 386 instead of go to that wretched place.

2003-02-17 14:50:18 ET

Oooo! Can we play Space Quest too? Really? Really?!

2003-02-17 14:54:16 ET

yesyesyes yes! and leisure suit larry says, 'save early, save often!!!'

2003-02-17 15:23:41 ET

Everyone who has read this thread must now go read Count Zero by William gibson for an interesing look at primitivism, AI and the computer age.


2003-02-17 15:25:45 ET

pyramid is a total cock...that place has had issues for as long as i've known about it...

i'm a practicing NINJA...what other path could one possibly desire? ;-P

2003-02-17 15:47:53 ET

'pyramid is an endless drain of time money and wasted effort'

-aaron spectre

2003-02-17 15:47:58 ET

Man this thread got crazy when I looked away for a second -

2003-02-17 15:48:41 ET

All the kids who've passed on the glorious task of running Konkrete Jungle have done naught but curse the management of Pyramid to the skies...
Boycott boycott.

2003-02-17 15:52:38 ET

I cant really stand the Pyramid..I only go there for shows..I agree with Furax, dude, has ANY party besides that cheezy tight panty night lasted there? Thats why i never go out there..Hah, i was even on the Morpheus flyer and never even went to that night cuz Pyramid just blows.

As for DT well..enough said there, they shouldnt have ANYTHING to worry about, Mostly a diff. crowd anyhow...It is rather sad that people have to pull that

2003-02-17 15:55:37 ET

hahaha yeah we have a buncha flyers up in the bathroom, the morpheus flyer is one of them.. kinda weird knowing your pic is up in some ppl's bathroom...

and thats very true, i do NOT want the majority of ppl that showed up at downtime
thats the thing i was so happy about saturday

everyone downstairs was someone i would be interested in talking to, or at least respected... no jack asses like the bad movie extra's at pyramid

2003-02-17 16:02:05 ET it being used as a dartboard?
Its a crying shame that there arent many venues to choose from in NYC and usually they are Ever notice the warm piss Atmosphere of the Pyramid?

2003-02-17 16:07:50 ET

d00d , the lights turn on and i want to cry.

i never want to see that place w/the lights on again.

oh, the things i do for music...

2003-02-17 16:09:03 ET

Talk about ugly lights... sheesh
They know how to turn the Ugly WAY up over there...

2003-02-17 16:18:12 ET

yes, the unmistakable FOULNESS of the place.

I bet most of the people who go to the Pyramid wipe themselves with their left hand too.

2003-02-17 16:20:04 ET

... and then try to SHAKE yours with it...

2003-02-17 16:20:19 ET

thats not entirely fair. its just that every other venue as far as i know is so ridiculously overpriced... plus i knew the guy who was doing the upstairs shizt... so there was my in.. but the club is fucking scum. the mgr is a dick. and the ppl that i want to come to a club for any night i put on def. deserve better than pyramid...

2003-02-17 16:26:03 ET

There was that other club..what was it called 113?
where the Slimelight was..god i remember that like years ago, that place had Bunk management but it was alot better than Pyramids

I should hire someone to shake hands and give hugs for me.

2003-02-17 16:28:28 ET

You don't have to say please.

2003-02-17 16:34:25 ET

Just get on your knees

2003-02-17 16:35:38 ET

... you don't have to beg me for it.

2003-02-17 16:36:19 ET

... and suck my coq.

2003-02-17 16:58:46 ET

Wh...What just happened?

2003-02-17 17:04:45 ET


2003-02-17 17:08:52 ET


2003-02-17 17:18:19 ET

I ran at night at pyramid like two years ago with maurice. we got kicked within two weeks due to bunk managment turning us out to bring in some whiny ass kid. they too failed in like three weeks.

the only night i remember going for a long time was that goth night...what was it called again...Exedor? like back in 96 and 97. but even that died too.

2003-02-17 21:10:31 ET

I love you guys. Seriously.

** Fun Fakt **

Whitehouse was named after 2 things:
1. A low-rent porno magazine.
2. Mary Beth Whitehouse, a hardcore, British, anti-porn, Bible-beating political whore

2003-02-17 21:15:37 ET

I always assumed it was the latter.

My cock's on fire.

2003-02-18 10:44:07 ET

10 bucks for a drink, nuff said.

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