This is where i belong    2007-06-10 07:49:37 ET
so i went to great show lastnight. It was a house show in my homeboy chazs huge garage, like 12 bands played, and admission was 3 cans of food. It was wild, because there were all these kids i have never seen in the hardcore scene, which is cool i guess, but i just have no idea why they dont ever come to sox place.... probably because they are scarred.... dorks. anyway it was kind of rad becasue war of ages a HUGE band decided to show up and play. i mean im not a huge fan, but they had some real shit to say and they played very well. We raged the fuck out of that place, and the whole energy of the show was like nothing else ive seen in a long time. By the way i am a little dissapointed with sarah. she had expressed she kind of wanted to go, so when i tried to get a hold of her yesterday at 3, she informs me she is playing quarters... at 3 in the afternoon! I got a bit bitter. Too wasted to go, what a waste of time. WHATEVER. She is trying to apologize and im doing my best not to lecture her.
SOUND: Loved Ones-Player Hater Anthem
EDIT: I got kicked in the ribs lastnight and its hard to breath. Also the backseat of my car sleep surprisingly well!

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