Fun with the cervix
2003-08-12 06:04:49 ET

So, I go in for my fun, fun biopsy in 2.5 hours.

I'm NOT looking forward to it.

I do believe that I'm also looking forward to them zapping up my vag with lasers.

Sharks with freaking lasers!

Apparently, it is quite common. But that doesn't make me feel any less shitty.

I'll still probably be making it to the Mono No Aware show.

Because bleeding from various orifices has never stopped me from doing anything else before.

Have I mentioned how much I don't want to go do this?

2003-08-12 06:11:37 ET

I bring you the unconditional love of a child in an attempt to make you feel better.

2003-08-12 06:13:15 ET

You sound like an UNICEF/Save the Children/Something endorsed by Sally Struthers ad, but thank you.

I hope they send me home with some cool, soiled gynecological artifacts.

2003-08-12 06:20:15 ET

First off, ew.
Second off, I am endorsed by Sally Struthers in every way.

2003-08-12 06:26:12 ET

what are you having done?

2003-08-12 06:30:01 ET

owwie! i hope your... parts are ...ok

2003-08-12 07:19:44 ET

Just think of the Death Star blowing up Alderaan and all will be well.

2003-08-12 07:38:31 ET

A cervical biopsy.

They found a pre-cancerous condition(in my cervix that is) in my last pap smear. Yum!

Bio..something actually grossed you out? -shocked & appalled-

I think I'll think about the Fonz. Jumping over that shark. In Clerks the cartoon series.

But I'll probably find a way to incorporate Star Wars into this.

2003-08-12 09:15:40 ET


i'm sorry to hear that. i hope everything turns out good

2003-08-12 11:16:13 ET

I will find out in a week!!!!!

Meanwhile(in case there is a small chance I might not be well), I will be trying my hardest to make Biomechanic's life a little tougher :)

Bio: You don't come bearing gifts of Semitic origin for me. How come?

I want to be assimilated.

2003-08-12 17:26:38 ET

'cause you're not Jewish!
I'll bring you a polish sausage... and an innuendo.

2003-08-13 04:59:13 ET

I am Jewish by injection!

2003-08-14 10:25:08 ET

hope everything turns out okay for you!

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