2003-08-13 09:46:21 ET

I'll take another biopsy over this toothache anyday.

Root canals make Auschwitz look like a fun place (I've been there. My parents took me when I was 3. So much for Disneyland, eh?The Polish are weird. I wish my 20% ov German was the 80% the Polish..but anyway..)

Tomorrow me and my LARGE Significant Other ov Semitic origin will be together for 6 months.

I give him props for putting up w/mein scheisse for this long.

2003-08-13 09:53:12 ET

6 months isn't too shabby :-)

2003-08-13 09:55:57 ET

Yes, soon he's going to find himself barefoot and pregnant :)

2003-08-13 09:59:56 ET

oh man! ... i know what that's like! hah!

2003-08-13 10:41:13 ET

Oy, I hate when that happens...

2003-08-13 11:20:29 ET

Awww, how sweet.
So, when are you two going to take me out to dinner?

2003-08-13 12:59:17 ET

Time for your sexual life to start encorportating hedge clippers.
Isnt' that what the 6 month mark means? Right?

2003-08-13 13:48:07 ET

\m/ jewc0re \m/

2003-08-13 14:13:39 ET

6 months- rock on, eh.

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