Tru dat, y0!
2004-01-20 15:53:06 ET

Welcome home. You're SO Jersey. You know Wildwood
and Seaside are the most disgusting places on
earth, and only good for drunken after prom
vacations, you know there's always a
"short-cut" to someplace. Isn't
Jersey great? I mean, where else can you go 80
MPH and STILL be the slowest car on the road?

How JERSEY are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

2004-01-20 15:55:10 ET


2004-01-20 16:03:38 ET

pfft... i got the same result and i know i'm not jersey. i think it's just the burbs in the tri-state area.

2004-01-20 16:17:20 ET

Exit 62, baby!!

2004-01-20 16:34:08 ET

Reppin' 149.

Brooklyn blows :P

2004-01-20 16:51:50 ET


2004-01-20 16:56:06 ET

Bio you're such an matter how many times you go on a thread and randomly post "PWNED" i still laugh every fucking time and i don't know why. i hate you and we'll have to meet at batcave or Q's soon so i can molest you.

2004-01-20 17:41:25 ET

Waaay too easily amused, y0!
I may or may not be at Dizowntime this weekend.

Benraver found out I made fun of TF on the internet and I think has it out to get me. :X

our hate is mutual.<3.

2004-01-20 17:50:45 ET

edit: god i have a big mouth sometimes

2004-01-20 18:07:15 ET

Do you wanna go to Q's this Friday?!%#!%!?

2004-01-20 18:08:13 ET

SURE! but i have no clue where it is or how to get there and yeah i am teh sux0r. I'll call my jersey girl and see if she'll go with me

2004-01-20 18:10:09 ET

Well, I'm going to bed now.
Let's make some sort of plans.
I'm the kind of bastard who demands rides home (or at least into the city).
So if you're staying in Jersey.
But if you're driving back that night.
NO PAH. You take me back home through the city 'cause I have OUTRAGEOUS DEMANDS.

Bea knows of my demands. She's lived through them.
She's said that driving me home is the best thing that ever happened to her.

2004-01-20 18:11:40 ET

drive you home to brooklyn? you ARE teh suq. you know i live like an hour north of the damned city right? you dirty dirty bastard.

2004-01-21 02:36:32 ET

it's RIGHT over the brooklyn bridge.
it's not a ghetto whatsoever.

2004-01-21 11:18:58 ET

It's my birthday tomorrow.

I'm going to a gay bar tonight.

I'll see you Friday.

I still think Brooklyn sucks.

I'll see you Friday.

I'll see you Friday.

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