2004-04-19 15:49:06 ET

New avatar!


Jesse..I updated..for you :)

Tell Dan to update Cenotype.com. You have more authority over him than I do!

2004-04-19 15:51:01 ET

LOVE the avatar. wanna make me one ;P

2004-04-19 16:13:19 ET


2004-04-19 16:27:25 ET

Don't tell me what to do.
Or rather, don't tell other people to tell me what to do.

2004-04-19 16:35:25 ET

Dan go update the website!!

2004-04-19 16:39:34 ET

Or, I could update my website. Man, that's one cool website.

2004-04-19 17:24:17 ET


you might have more power over him if you signed on Sk 8 hours a day like i do!!!

but i'll still beat him into doing it.

Q's saturday?!?!?! Is lenny spinning?!?!? TEH HEATHER WILL BE HERE FROM CALIFORNIA!!!

2004-04-19 18:10:51 ET

whats really weird is i was looking at someones LJ friends page and saw that picture yesterday or the day before... deja vu

2004-04-19 23:06:03 ET


2004-04-20 03:23:42 ET

Ska Punk:It was probably in a community because all my entries are Friends Only.

jesse: I used to rock Sk 8 hours a day. We all used to. It was a North Jersey Alliance. And it rocked.Albeit those days are now long gone.Yes, Lenny is spinning. At a later date.After he gets back from the Neubauten show.

Dan: I have authority over my SK page. Therefore I can put up any content I wish.

Oddstar: This is no avatar. It's a mere and puny picture. Therefore all the makings of it involved me uploading it. That is it!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-04-20 03:54:30 ET

wait so he's not spinning this saturday?!?!?!
*sigh* why does everyone have to pretend they like neubauten?!?!?!?! they have a cool logo and that's IT! and where is this alliance? I could be a part of it...cuz...my cousin is from north jersey so i'm there all the time...i'm whining.

2004-04-20 07:53:02 ET

why does everyone have to pretend they like neubauten?!?!?!?!

I say that to Lenny almost everyday of my life.

I do not like Einstuerzende[sp]Neubauten, but I have to go cause Lenny went to Wolfsheim w/me!

I *heart*synthpop!

2004-04-20 07:55:38 ET

If you made anyone go to Wolfsheim.
He deserves to puncha you face.

2004-04-20 07:55:54 ET

but but but but but *cries* don't you wanna see me dan and heather?!?!? doesn't lenny!?!?!? MY LIFE IS ENDING!!!!

2004-04-20 07:56:50 ET

We will be there after Q's.

2004-04-20 07:57:12 ET

be where after what?!!

2004-04-20 08:00:43 ET


Okay scratch that!

We will be at Q's after Neubauten :D

2004-04-20 08:09:51 ET

oh otay =D

yyyyyay so i guess we'll go to q's and not the rat rave =)

2004-04-20 08:31:06 ET

Hopefully, it's not dead!
Although as we all know Biomechanic=Bad JuJu!

2004-04-20 08:32:03 ET

I know 7 people going, course that dosnt mean it still won't be dead.

2004-04-20 08:32:42 ET

so goth its dead?

2004-04-20 08:36:48 ET

You all are dead.

2004-04-20 08:38:47 ET

die totmacher.

2004-04-20 08:40:01 ET


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