2005-06-03 21:20:00 ET

I'm listening to Gridlock without my shirt on.

Since all the emo kids make one liner nonsensical posts on here nowadays, thought I'd join in.

Gridlock makes me wanna make out.

2005-06-03 21:26:28 ET

That's much better than listening to Celine Dion with no pants on.

2005-06-03 21:34:23 ET

I wrote every single Gridlock song.

2005-06-03 21:56:04 ET

Gridlock makes want to strip and make out too, especially Formless.

Check out Shimmer and Fade, by Bitcrush, which is a Gridlock side project.One of the best albums i've heard in a long time.

2005-06-04 05:38:35 ET

Gridlock tastes like cheese.

and biscuits.

2005-08-06 08:33:34 ET

gridlock AND Bea's tits? Color me happy.

2007-01-28 00:17:50 ET


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