I *REALLY* need to update my info
2007-01-27 22:50:34 ET

My info dates back to 2003. I actually uploaded a post 2003 picture.

In any case.

Coming tomorrow:

"The Vanity Kills Guide to Dating Noise Boys"

I'll post it tomorrow.
It's time for the jerks in the power electronics/harsh noise scene to look at themselves with a little bit of humor.

Hold your distortion pedals tight, boys!

I write social commentaries when I'm too broke to go out!

2007-01-28 01:18:45 ET

Hey, welcome back...

2007-01-28 04:09:47 ET

I'll post it tomorrow.


2007-01-28 12:29:38 ET

Holy shit, Bea is back!

2007-02-06 18:36:54 ET


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