Chicken & Beer:The Movie
2008-03-11 13:33:58 ET

Goodbye: New Jersey
Hello: Frozen wastelands of Buffalo, NY.

2008-03-11 13:41:29 ET


And when I'm supposed to be popping by NY/NJ soonish too!!

2008-03-11 13:42:31 ET

You hate me, don't you?
Did not inform me sooner.

Gonna be emo and cry now.

2008-03-11 13:59:00 ET

well, I don't have any dates yet, it could be a month away (probably is).

But what's going on in Buffalo? I mean, besides wings?

2008-03-11 14:41:06 ET

ARGH! That's horrible. Buffalo is a hard city.

2008-03-11 15:03:57 ET

Well, Shay, I'm moving in.....with a boy!

I have sinned.
Off to the stake with me.

Vasa, the good news is that Toronto is nearby.
Much shopping for overpriced Goth stuff will ensue.

2008-03-11 15:21:15 ET

It's not THAT close to Toronto. It's real close to Niagara Falls though, which is kinda nice I guess. Other than that (and the wings) I thought Buffalo was kindof a soulless, boring, and gloomy place, sorry.

However, congrats on the moving in with boi! I'm sure you're all excited and such =]

2008-03-11 18:41:10 ET

the east coast is a foreign, distant place to me. i still have to visit sometime.

also: why have i not bothered to look at your page on here yet and why aren't you on my buddy list? i'll fix that now, kthx.

2008-03-12 04:58:14 ET

I oppose this entire living with boys in buffalo situation.

Is he a finnish noise boy? are you following your own outline for dating noise boys? i'm gonna cry. tell me whats going on!!!!!! i'm skeeeeeered!

2008-03-12 14:08:29 ET

I like the west coast somewhat but I love the east coast. It's angry, fast, and violent and I like it. That's why all the business and government stuff is on the East Coast and all the fun, silly, techie stuff is on the West Coast. You guys are chilled out while we are all pissy ... we know what's really hood.

2008-03-12 16:14:07 ET

you also know that lite brites are actually BOMBS. d-:

2008-03-16 05:06:46 ET

Remember what happened the last time you went to go live in the wastelands of upstate New York?


2008-04-07 10:04:55 ET

Yes, suddenly I heard banjos and was told to squeal like a pig, Dan.

2008-04-08 07:16:34 ET

That was when you came to my house right?

2008-04-08 10:10:32 ET

To quote Brighter Death Now "Oh what a night"

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