Viscera all over.
2002-12-04 13:47:59 ET

Girls do stupid things to be beautiful. I (in case you failed to notice) am a girl. can draw the other conclusions yourself.

I think I forced myself to drink about a gallon or so ov water (it clears up the complexion) in the last 3 hours.I think I'm going to burst (entrails ov mine marking interesting abstract wall art)

I now am going to rub aspirin all over my face and then part take in any other obscure beauty ritual that I think will help.

Us females need serious help.

2002-12-04 13:53:19 ET

Rub aspirin all over your face? Straaaange.

2002-12-04 13:54:27 ET

Heh I drank about a gallon of water once... But then, that was boot camp. Fun for the whole family!

Almost vomitted out of my ass.

2002-12-04 13:55:27 ET

ass vomit is good for family morals

2002-12-04 13:57:31 ET

yessss.. .THey were all into family values during my basic training.

2002-12-04 14:09:05 ET

usually the more a girl does to be beautiful, the less attractive she becomes.

2002-12-04 14:22:05 ET

But then again failure to correct minor flaws also doesn't do much for the good looks quotient.

2002-12-04 14:56:53 ET

Shave off your eyebrows
It's kool

2002-12-04 15:16:09 ET

I guess I was kool for quite some time then :D

2002-12-05 06:50:25 ET

aspirin? what effect does this have? im not being a punk, im genuinely curious!

2002-12-05 07:34:48 ET

My face breaks out crazily under stress, so if you crush aspirin up, dissolve it and rub it on your face(and leave on for 5 minutes)it reduces redness in your face, and improves it's overall appearance. It also works good removing keloids from piercings.

2002-12-05 07:38:58 ET

wow! good to know! thanks!

2002-12-05 15:43:37 ET

ah the old aspirin mask

maybe i should try that. except with ketamine.

2002-12-05 18:07:09 ET

...have you ever watched "killing Us Softly" with Jean Killborne? It's all about the portrayal of women in advertising and how girls are all fucked up :-P

i recommend it to you! :-)
(it's actually really good)

p.s.- you're from jersey?

2002-12-05 18:44:41 ET

Yes, I am. Accept no substitutes :D

I'll look into the movies. I'm always fascinated by how vanity kills :) [and it does]

2002-12-05 18:45:33 ET

are you one of those nefarious QXT people?! ;-P

2002-12-05 20:39:24 ET

rust: i might have to join you in that endevour

furax: the one time i met bea was at batcave, believe it or not

2002-12-05 20:41:57 ET

maybe i know her too?

2002-12-05 20:44:50 ET

if you were at the stromkern/seabound show, you might have met her

2002-12-05 20:49:33 ET

oh, i missed that one...

2002-12-05 20:55:41 ET

Yea, I'm one ov those ppl that lives at Q's.Jersey pride and all that crap :D

2002-12-05 21:02:08 ET

i've been to Q's a whole 2 times! ;-P

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