Pineapple desensitization (if that's a word :P)
2002-12-22 14:29:51 ET

I watched some rather gory and graphic movie today. did not bother me damnit. Evisceration and consumption ov human flesh apparently has no effect on me.

Chopped off penii have no effect on me. Maggot eating has no effect on me. Meat hook thru the boobies has no effect on me.

That's pretty disturbing.

Then again I'm a blood and guts kind ov chick.

Shock me

2002-12-22 14:37:37 ET

What exactly did you watch?

Blood and guts is my excuse for waking up each and every morning.

2002-12-22 14:45:22 ET

I second Bandiera's question.

And "desensitization" is a word. But in the more civilised parts of the world we spell it "desensitisation" ;)

2002-12-22 14:46:59 ET

I can be offensive. :X
Those Whitehouse tracks of only quotations from victims of child molestation make me feel all tingly inside.

2002-12-22 14:47:24 ET

psh. civilization!
blood + guts != civilization.
blood + guts == the foundation of american culture.

2002-12-22 15:15:18 ET

For those who inquired I shall find out the title whenever I talk to Wintermute or Deathcondition or one ov 'em. It's theirs, not mine.

Bio: I don't think that will be offensive until you're 18.

2002-12-22 16:12:44 ET

i've consumed small ammounts of hunam flesh and i have needles that went through my boobies...
and i've seen movie clips like that before...they're kind of lame actually...and watching a video is different from watching it in real life...and doing it to yourself or others is also very different from the aforementioned...

watching television, by the very nature of television, is detaching and projective...

2002-12-22 17:46:21 ET

*hooks up devices to electricute die cyber*

2002-12-22 19:21:34 ET

I don't mind vomiting ... i know's sick but, having the power to recieve free drinks for the last 5 years you really get used to it . I know what could shock you ... a massacre of our favorite Thailand export ... Pineapples ! OH god no !! not the stem !

2002-12-22 19:24:02 ET

It hurts to see my brethen being torn from their home, sliced,diced, shoved in a can and sold for .99 cents at Stop & Shop. Savages.

2002-12-22 20:02:11 ET

The movie is called 'Cannibal Ferox' aka 'Make Them Die Slowly'. It's an Italian shock film that has been banned in 31 countries due to conent, i.e., real scenes of animals eating other animals and real cannibalism. Truely disturbing stuff. Miss Bea is HardCore!!

2002-12-22 20:03:33 ET

Cannibal FURAX! ;-P

2002-12-22 20:03:50 ET

I banned Wintermute is 31 countries due to content.

2002-12-22 20:11:44 ET

Yeah...friggin communists!!! Freedom of Winter-speech NOW!!!!

2002-12-22 20:18:17 ET

No way, bro.
I love fascism.


2002-12-22 20:22:41 ET

Wintermute cannot/ should not be censored! He is a perfectly viable form of performance art touching on themes of self-expression, alcohol/over-the-counter caffine pill abuse, self-destruction, and the adverse effects of music, television, and music from the 1980s!!! Why am I speaking in the third person??

2002-12-22 20:26:13 ET

It's 'cause you're talking as your handle. It's much easier to think `Wintermute wants a soda` than `I want a soda.`

P.S. Fascism now.

2002-12-22 20:45:45 ET

*WM thrown in jail with Fidel who was earlier arrested for drug trafficking*

2002-12-23 06:22:01 ET

Storm wants human soda.
I'm actually often exilharated by violence
in the first person...
Movie violence often bothers me.

2002-12-23 12:12:56 ET

Cannibal Ferox, it was eh. Last House on the Left is far more shocking, IMO.

2002-12-23 12:14:21 ET

Blood Sucking Freaks is pretty good too...

2002-12-23 13:00:47 ET

i dont know how you, nacht and wintermute were able to handle that movie hah, i had to go in my room at the scary parts ::hides:: although i do want to sample the shit out of it :P

2002-12-23 19:28:07 ET

Blood Sucking Freaks? Man I haven't seen that in like 15 years. Try "I Spit On Your Grave" or "Evil Dead Trap" or "1000 Maniacs" or "Blood Feast". There are a BUNCH of really good Japanese slasher/splatter horror flix. Not that I watch this, um, stuff, nope, never, not me.

2002-12-24 08:24:59 ET

Shit, I own Blood sucking freaks ...nothing too shocking about that one ... but that other one nachtrichter brought over .. i enjoyed eating my Wendy's while watching. I think the sickest thing is the Curb Job in American History X . how soon we all forget that classic scene . mmmmmmmmm taste the concrete !

2002-12-26 11:47:01 ET



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