2002-12-23 22:58:11 ET

It is 3:00-something a.m., and in the midst ov boredom( I had too much coffee today) I was going through the Conduit picture gallery. I guess once in a while they have events that are supposed to be "special" and out ov the ordinary or some other over hyped bullshit.

*ugh* I thought a Jersey club would know better than to hire 17 year old fetish clown looking "dancers" for the event.

I am officially sick now.

But then again, Conduit will do anything to draw a crowd. Even if monkeys have to be imported from NYC.


2002-12-23 23:00:47 ET

...unfortunately they're not real monkeys :-\


2002-12-23 23:06:39 ET

Unfortunately,they're real clowns.

2002-12-23 23:23:00 ET

yes...bad clowns

2002-12-24 03:23:57 ET


2002-12-24 04:16:46 ET

I commented on that night on the NYC-NJ Goth Industrial list, how all the NYC kiddies who were so anti-NJ were at Conduit, and it didn't get posted. Fuckers are blocking my controversy. . .

2002-12-24 04:39:27 ET

Fucking Pinko bastards.

I <3 Monkeys. :)!!

2002-12-24 06:18:56 ET

I love censorship.

And who the fuck would let a minor into a club? Christ.

2002-12-24 07:17:52 ET

i went to conduit once. they are nazi's at the door. the new york crowd owned!

2002-12-24 07:19:18 ET

Azrael: As long as you're not reffering to the NYC fetish clowns, it's ok by me :D

2002-12-24 07:21:09 ET

no, it was the e-craft/terrorfakt show. actually it was us new yorkers and mostly philly people. i didnt recognize anyone from jersey at all. and everyone knows that the philly crowd sweats us new yorkers :x

2002-12-24 08:17:43 ET

HA HA The ONLY CLOWN AT CONDOOOIT IS DJ SHITTY ..OOPS I MEANT DJ SCHMITTY . what a joker to think he can mix "FLAWLESLEY" "without headphones" . Hey guys did you know that " Damian Plague is a train wreck when he mixes" ha ha . at least i know the difference between project-x and hocico . i know what song i just played . and i don't have the same set list every week.

2002-12-24 08:23:33 ET

haha, dj shitty! nice!

2002-12-24 08:33:20 ET

*cough* y0 Damian let's not divert attention from the REAL clowns. Hijacking my thread :P ..

Can we get back to making fun ov people that Bea doesn't like now?

2002-12-24 09:14:02 ET

I was merely stating that you have overlooked not one but 2 conduit clowns . i have recieved your transmission about clownfemale1.a ... like i always told you bea .. it's all about you . sorry

2002-12-24 16:16:51 ET

hooray for making fun of people. ha! ...plthhhh ;-P

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