2002-12-24 11:26:20 ET

Mental note: Spend as much time away from the family today as well as tomorrow as possible.

Feel free to save me.

2002-12-24 11:28:52 ET

Make them take you to the PATH train :grin:

2002-12-25 01:55:11 ET

Ahh the true spirit of Christmas. Avoiding relatives at all costs ;)

2002-12-25 12:26:14 ET

my family mostly engages in the art of completely ignoring others around them...we're all right in the same house all the time so we have to :-P

2002-12-25 12:42:02 ET

My mom had a shot ov whiskey and went to sleep :>

I wish I had taken after her. It would be wonderful to have no tolerance.

2002-12-25 15:08:02 ET

You could do like my mom- get trashed and prod people to the point of warfare. Always a good excuse to leave...for you and them. Fear not. Only another week and the holidays are over. Then we can all put away the egg-nog induced smiles.

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