oh really?
2002-12-25 17:58:25 ET

I walked into the room..and my father was watching the news.So,what's the first thing I hear?

.."he turns on the pineapple juice"

:P ..yeah.

2002-12-25 18:01:17 ET

You have relinquished your pineapple rights.

2002-12-25 18:16:35 ET


2002-12-25 18:22:59 ET


New Jersey - For the best times of your life.

2002-12-25 18:23:43 ET

One track mind Bio. Perhaps I smell some need for a fetish confession :P

2002-12-25 18:29:31 ET

Paternity fetish.

2002-12-25 18:34:47 ET

He stole my word.

2002-12-25 18:35:57 ET

No dice.

2002-12-25 18:44:57 ET

sk.net gets more twisted everyday...too saucy for my young virgin ears!

2002-12-25 18:45:56 ET

::aural sexx0r azraeltrigger::

Now where are your virgin ears? :X

2002-12-25 18:45:59 ET

shh or syko will invade!

You don't even know the half of it . . .

2002-12-25 18:47:05 ET

Well, a flowchart virgin Gus is no more :P

2002-12-25 18:55:41 ET

we couldnt figure out how many steps i was removed from bio...i think justine could figure it out

and i was probably connected in a very roundabout way anyway

2002-12-25 18:57:12 ET

The flowchart defies all genders and legal age restrictions!

2002-12-25 18:59:37 ET

the flowchart changes depending on if you are in jersey or not

2002-12-25 19:00:18 ET

On v.1 (dbd chart), there are 4 names between you and I, Az

2002-12-25 19:01:29 ET

True, for I am legal tender in Jersey...

Lord B. Mechanic IV -> Emily -> the doktor -> Dan (wtf?) -> Lo-Raine -> frax -> Strm -> THE TRIGGA.

is that the shortest path?

2002-12-25 19:02:14 ET

well, thats not bad i guess...but on v.1 im not even on it, right?

2002-12-25 19:03:46 ET

Oh wait I was thinking Bio and me. I was all mixed up. I think that is the shortest path, Bio.

The flowchart changes depending on if you include making out or not - Jersey is irrelevant, but quite present on both versions.

2002-12-25 19:06:19 ET

Oh I forgot about that night of sweet, statutory rape, Insomnia.

Bio -> Insomnia -> Storm -> TRIGGA.

Welcome to the horrible world of three degrees away from bio. :X :X :X :X :X :X

2002-12-25 19:09:15 ET

Fuck that. I am nowhere near you. My place on the chart is surrounded by hot older DJs and sexy girls.

2002-12-25 19:10:50 ET

i'd like to see this so called 'flowchart'! i am getting confused without the visual aid

2002-12-25 19:13:04 ET

We'll make a large one on NYE to keep on our wall.

2002-12-25 19:14:38 ET

I feel so good. And virginal.

2002-12-25 19:15:31 ET

you'll need a lot of different colored markers for some of the heavy hitters coughDbDcough

2002-12-25 19:17:52 ET

After we make the huge one we'll all make out to make it more complicated.

You're on the chart, Bea. You should be more involved. :grin:

2002-12-25 19:18:25 ET

Adding color the chart.
Uncalled for.

You are totally on the chart, das der die cyber ananas.

2002-12-25 19:20:05 ET

I know I'm on it, but I'm as involved as I wanna be. Can't handle THAT much fun :)

Oh...I'm so involved alright. Sitting home, watching Blind Date w/my parents and getting excited over seeing a pineapple plantation on TV.

2002-12-25 19:20:06 ET

oh yea, dont try to stay aloof, you'll only draw attention to yourself!

2002-12-25 19:21:12 ET

Pot. Kettle. Black, Gus :) You speak from experience :D

2002-12-25 19:22:03 ET

You're in trouble now, Bea.

2002-12-25 19:24:09 ET

yea, as soon as i opened my big fat mouth about not being on the chart, i was made a target. and now the target is on you...beware

2002-12-25 19:24:14 ET

Gus is exempt from the Flowchart.
Just cuz I said so.


2002-12-25 19:25:11 ET

wow! i have free reign! action with no consequence! w00t!!!!

2002-12-25 19:26:40 ET

No dice.

2002-12-25 19:26:55 ET

No you were a target beforehand Gus, your comment just made the idea a concrete one - eh?

Gus can have his own flowchart.

2002-12-25 19:28:09 ET

i smell a conspiracy...-looks around suspiciously-

2002-12-25 19:29:32 ET

I had NOTHING to do with it.
As I recall, I was rape-kissed by a certain Triggerman.
*looks suspiciously at INSOMNIA*

2002-12-25 19:29:58 ET

Don't look at me, I'm busy incorporating pineapple into my chart.

And Storm and I were just dancing.... really close.

2002-12-25 19:30:19 ET

You were making out to my fave Stromkern song :P

2002-12-25 19:32:03 ET

OMG. farcekern.
I got molested while Stromkern was playing live. 8]


2002-12-25 19:32:37 ET

when was this? at funhouse? cause i told you already, i dont remember that...and as for Q's, i thought that was you!

bea: we were? i dont recall the song...or are you talking about the two towers (storm and insomnia)

2002-12-25 19:35:16 ET

No Storm and I were dancing to VNV. I was trying to make VNV into a better experience for all - otherwise it would have been truly wretched, if just left on it's own, ya know?

2002-12-25 19:35:31 ET

No, 'twas you during "Re-align".

Bio: I hold Stromkern molestation very dear to my heart.

2002-12-25 19:37:13 ET

Um... I definitely recall VNV. Although it could have extended into a second song. . . it was done by time Hocico played, cause then I was dancing alone.

2002-12-25 19:38:16 ET

Oops..I was talking to Gus (about that whole Stromkern thing) :)

He was gettin' Storm action. I was gettin sweet self lovin on the dancefloor.

2002-12-25 19:39:10 ET

ahh, i see...my mind was occupied with other pursuits -cough-

2002-12-25 19:41:22 ET

Self-lovin? I think by that time of the night it was Nacht-lovin....

2002-12-25 19:42:02 ET

You were totally getting some li'l rivetboi lovin' in the corner, Beeaaa.

Best part of the night was LS - fit for flogging.

2002-12-25 19:45:24 ET

If I was gonna get Nacht action I wouldn't do it in public.

But no matter what I said ya'll will not believe me.

2002-12-25 19:46:29 ET

Best part of the night was Nacht's face when
Justine dumped me unceremoniously onto his lap...

You need to hit him off Bea. It's a height right.

2002-12-25 19:48:00 ET

No, I'm much taller with platforms :P. I can think ov other ppl ov suitable height :)

2002-12-25 19:52:01 ET

Are you into young boys a foot taller than you? 8]

2002-12-25 19:52:22 ET

I didn't dump him. I fell... on you... and you fell on him.

The best part of the night was when I was holding Bea up and you were holding John up.

2002-12-25 19:56:09 ET

Tall people holding their tiny counterparts and waving them around is totally awesome.

2002-12-25 19:57:14 ET

That sounds perverse.

Goodnight kids, some of us have work in the morn.

2002-12-25 19:59:10 ET

Bio: You don't have a whole foot on me :)

I bet I can get pineapple foot wear to be over 6 foot :D

And to CLEAR things up. There were rumors ov me and John hooking up since like..May. But that's why it's called a rumor.

2002-12-25 20:01:50 ET

Have fun working, Insomnia!

... so, what you're saying is you want a piece of die das der biomechanic? :X

2002-12-25 20:03:31 ET

Actually, I want a piece ov $%^&*&^^$%$0%

2002-12-25 20:06:27 ET

If you're trying to woo me, you can call me monikers that don't include ampersands, carrots, percent signs, and asterisks.... but I don't mind if you fit a dollar sign into my name somehow.


2002-12-25 20:14:32 ET

$biobling$ and yes, i am trying to woo you, you sexy bitch

\and stop waving your tiny counterpart at me

2002-12-25 20:26:16 ET

massiv orgee.

2002-12-25 23:12:09 ET


...i'm just a good boy...

2002-12-26 04:39:30 ET

I would like to point out, just for
the record...
I made out with Insomnia before EITHER of us knew ANY of you.

::waits for applause::

Thank you.

2002-12-26 05:10:27 ET

Correction: I knew Furax during that time, Storm. He and I might have even been connected then and you didn't even know!

Love the scene. ::grins::

Re: Bea & Nacht rumors . . . all I know is I woke up in the morn and they were cuddled on the couch, looking kinda rumpled... heh.

2002-12-26 05:29:30 ET

Hahah... I remember our first encounter
on a very cold and windy Fordham Rd... steps
from the Pizza place and SLUMNI.
;-) *sigh...* Nostlagia.

2002-12-26 05:43:04 ET

O.k. because someone else was on the other couch.
And who doesn't look rumpled in the a.m.?

Plus, the rumors started LONG,LONG before then. Nothing new.

No matter whose room/whom I crashed on the couch with that night your dirrrrty minds would've been working overtime :P

Doesn't mean they're true.

I only have 1 solid flowchart connection anyway. The same one as Insomnia :D

2002-12-26 05:47:25 ET

I have lots of flowchart connections. And unfortunately, our link also does. You probably have more you don't know about, especially if you did make out with Nacht... heh

2002-12-26 05:49:13 ET

I have 1.5 to my knowledge.

2002-12-26 05:50:14 ET

But your 1.5 is connected to a lot. It's complicated, eh?

You need more. ::wicked grin::

2002-12-26 05:51:30 ET

I hope I can make requests.

What we talked about before being awakened by strange sounds. You know post Zenwarp afterthoughs :D

Not that I haven't though about that before.

2002-12-26 08:00:40 ET

bad influences

2002-12-26 08:07:02 ET


2002-12-26 08:08:47 ET

whoring isn't cool

2002-12-26 08:09:21 ET

Whoring is bad for your health
Sluttiness tastes great, AND is good for you!

2002-12-26 08:10:40 ET

I love whores.

2002-12-26 08:11:11 ET

Monogomy-K0re! ;-P

2002-12-26 08:14:48 ET

Monogomy is for suckers.

2002-12-26 08:15:20 ET

You wish you could be monogomous with

2002-12-26 08:15:26 ET

*sucks* (o_O)?

2002-12-26 08:17:28 ET


2002-12-26 08:27:38 ET

So do I.


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