2002-12-26 07:18:41 ET

Rivet meat. Tastes good w/pineapple juice. Actually..I don't know that yet.


2002-12-26 07:22:48 ET

I don't get it...


2002-12-26 07:24:42 ET

It's a Jersey thing.

2002-12-26 07:25:02 ET

Interesting... *hmmmm...*
I think Pineapple juice goes well with most things...

BTW - congratulations on your biggest journal response yet!
See what talking about the FLOWCHART will get you? Hahahah...

2002-12-26 07:29:55 ET

I've had this thing for a month..maybe. I have far to go for cool old-skool status.

Yea..talking about other people's sex lives is always a great way to get everyone talking :P

2002-12-26 07:36:15 ET

You're obsessed with pinapples I take it?

2002-12-26 07:37:30 ET

Pineapple = Extension-happy, dread-head, Cybergoth.

Another Jersey-ism

2002-12-26 07:54:50 ET

never touched that -ism

2002-12-26 07:55:03 ET

This thread sounds like some sort of mutiny of preverts.

2002-12-26 07:55:44 ET

i danced with a pineapple the other night. then i put it on my head. then undigit was like, "stop that and put my pineapple back in the kitchen."

2002-12-26 08:12:23 ET

I only dance with peaches.

2002-12-26 08:12:45 ET


2002-12-26 08:57:04 ET


2002-12-26 09:23:33 ET

Cactus head is too punk rawk.

2002-12-26 11:38:47 ET

jersey-ism's rock, im gonna try to make some more up :)

2002-12-26 12:21:15 ET

Somebody better give me a new name, cause the good name ov the pineapple is getting violated.

Talking about nog and pineapple juice & all things false.

2002-12-26 12:29:00 ET


2002-12-26 21:29:20 ET

Yeah, the whole pineapple thing was a term specific to these two ehh hemm..."Cyber Goths" ::::shudders:::: b/c they actually, who woulda' thunk it, looked like pineapples due to the creepy way that they wore their hair dreaded and pointed upwards on top of their heads. This was not an endearing term. We definitely must develop a Bea-specific term in order not to cluster her with those miscreants. ::Heads to the think tank:: More to follow...

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