2003-01-02 21:56:25 ET

Coming home today. Aren't you all like ultra excited?Pffffffffffft :P

Damn...this trip turned out to be a total disappointment.

At least it was a free trip.

2003-01-02 23:26:12 ET

Free is good except when it involves free slaps in the face and/or some other form of pain being incurred upon one.

2003-01-03 04:44:51 ET

I want a free trip, how do I score one?

2003-01-03 12:09:56 ET

nothing better then free disappointment! ....eh...errr....nevermind :-P

2003-01-03 14:33:17 ET

But I'm in Cali!!

It sucks here.

Love the family though.

Terminal: it helps to be a hot chick.

2003-01-03 17:07:45 ET

i wish i was a hot chick.

2003-01-03 19:17:37 ET

What Insomnia said!

It also helps to have friends who have loads ov money and not much to spend it on!

2003-01-03 19:44:47 ET

well i'll be funding my own trip out east soon.

2003-01-04 13:04:52 ET

Ananas! We're going to farcecave tonight! Come out!

2003-01-04 15:35:05 ET

Rar..no way ov getting to NYC.

So, looks like it's Q's this week(again).

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