2003-01-04 22:36:00 ET

Q's wasn't awful tonight. I drank myself to my heart's content and almost stole someone else's el gato. Yeah..I'm cool. Q's isn't bad at all when you're drunk.

Like I am now.

Damn..I need car insurance.

And a job.

Stripping looks appealing. But that dignity thing keeps saying no.

Why do ugly people always tell me I'm hot? (Ok, hot people do too, but I'm not digging the signal to noise ratio here)

MMmmmm boooze

2003-01-05 01:27:02 ET

You're hot.

Stripping = bad idea. I can give you multiple reasons why, backed up with experience.

2003-01-05 05:28:49 ET

mmm booze...please tell me why i work on sundays again... *groan* :-(

2003-01-05 06:14:04 ET

you have more ugly people tell you that because the ratio of ugly to pretty people is a little lop-sided.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

2003-01-05 08:25:22 ET

Ugly people have ugly friends!

It's a good thing we're all pretty here.

yeaaa. :X

2003-01-05 10:57:56 ET

Your friends are just all too hot, Bio.

2003-01-05 10:59:53 ET

And tall.

2003-01-06 12:20:06 ET

all strippers are crazy

2003-01-06 12:21:16 ET

Yes Furax. You shouldn't have dated them.

2003-01-06 12:21:54 ET

hey, i only dated one that was actively a stripper...

2003-01-06 12:22:08 ET


2003-01-06 12:23:12 ET

...what's that mean? (o_O)

2003-01-06 12:23:33 ET

I want a stripper pole @ my house.

2003-01-06 12:23:41 ET


2003-01-06 14:17:20 ET

I wanna go to Ananas house when she gets one.

2003-01-06 14:40:29 ET

Maybe Insomnia could do some testing ov that pole once I make that purchase :P. I'd ask Bio but I'm not sure if we can handle THAT much sexy bitch ass. Plus, Gus might get jealous.

2003-01-06 14:41:50 ET

damn.... seeing you on it would make me wanna come down there... but Bio... oh man... I'd be running faster than Forrest Gump.

2003-01-06 14:43:21 ET

My sexy bitch body doesn't work for free!

2003-01-06 14:44:43 ET

That's why I wouldn't fly... I'd save every cent I have just for you baby...

2003-01-06 14:46:08 ET

Ooo baby.
It'd be worth every dime.

2003-01-06 17:10:57 ET

Yeah Ananas, I'm here for you if you need any professional pole-testing.

::prepares to move in::

2003-01-06 17:16:37 ET

Blame it on my inner male chauvinist. I just got done reading Maxim's instructions on "How to Build a Stripper Pole".

2003-01-06 17:27:06 ET



2003-01-06 17:37:44 ET

Yes, the also have them for building a snow fort. Featuring girls in bikinis.

I love me some Maxim.

2003-01-13 02:42:23 ET

This is late.. but.. you're hot.

2003-01-14 00:15:29 ET

yeah i hate that. ugly people seem to want me. yeah some cute people too but the ratio is definitely uneven. boo to that. do you like the batcave? i used to go

2003-01-14 00:24:49 ET

It isn't bad when you're too wasted to examine it's crappiness.Case and point last Saturday :)

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