2003-01-06 17:42:24 ET

Will I be seeing any ov you sluts this Saturday at the Buttcave?

2003-01-06 17:43:29 ET

Call my work and say "make her work morning" so I can have off that night, and yeah. . .

2003-01-06 19:29:17 ET

slutty as ever...

2003-01-06 19:33:36 ET

This slut will be there with boots on!

2003-01-06 19:48:05 ET

Sweet! I wonder if I'll have to put my boots into action.

NYC Pineapples mean war to US.

err me.

2003-01-06 19:50:33 ET

am i a slut?

2003-01-06 19:52:04 ET

We only have 1 minute left, if we do not kill them soon, we will not make it. :::Patrick Stevens is a profit:::

2003-01-06 19:52:24 ET

Hypnoskull 4 life

2003-01-06 20:07:00 ET

I wonder how many album titles the demise ov pineapples can be incorporated to.

2003-01-06 20:16:21 ET


2003-01-07 02:39:58 ET

I'll be the guy wearing black.

2003-01-07 13:42:22 ET

yesh! brattcave party, should be fun if blow enough smoke into bio's face :)


2003-01-07 13:44:19 ET

You can blow smoke in my face if you remain sober the entire night.

2003-01-07 13:46:21 ET

I'll talk about hair, shoes and my love ov Stromkern all night as you're getting smoke blown in your face. :)

2003-01-07 13:53:22 ET

I'm going for sure - I think.

I'll be the one in pink, if they don't kick me out for dressing prep. . .

2003-01-07 14:05:05 ET

fuck that haha, ill just keep the smoke to myself :)

2003-01-08 13:05:06 ET

Gus is a slut ov epic proportions.

2003-01-08 13:19:43 ET

B! well i never! -huffs away-


2003-01-08 18:24:22 ET

heheh...I never have either ::::cries::: what does that mean??

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