2003-01-07 13:22:47 ET

Why do I get THAT much amusement out ov Live Journal flame wars?

2003-01-07 13:23:37 ET

i have/had a lj ...i just never use it


2003-01-07 13:24:11 ET

Man, I hope it didn't end in a golden shower. :P

2003-01-07 13:28:34 ET

No Bio..that Golden Shower thing was YOUR drama :)

2003-01-07 13:32:55 ET

Oh, that's right.::thud::

SK flame WAAARR!!

I question your lifestyle choices.

2003-01-07 13:38:21 ET

Heyyy..I'm allowed to have a crush on your mother.

what's it to you?


2003-01-07 13:40:56 ET

Oh my. :0

But only 'cause it'd be weird if you were my new,umm,dad.

2003-01-07 14:10:22 ET

I think it's a pineapple thing.

2003-01-07 21:58:01 ET

Pineapple what? Pineapple who?

I'm "hard" and "industrial" and "noisey" looking. Why?

Cause some random Guido that saw my pictures on some website today Im-ed me & told me that.

Oh..how HARD I must be right now.

2003-01-08 07:44:55 ET

wow, look at little miss rivet ;P

2003-01-10 08:35:48 ET

lj flame wars are an amusing treat when they involve strangers, or two parties you hate.

and you are indeed the hardest schoolgirl i ever did sawed.

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