2003-01-12 22:09:26 ET

The unbelievable has happened. I had fun at Batcave.And no slut ruined my mood. Though I had a close encounter with someone I hate (but that's okay..the bitch is craaaazayy, and my ex's new girl was there too. But booze alleviates all.

It's 3:00 a.m. and I have way too much energy. I should've took someone up on an offer and not came home for another 2 or 3 days. Home sucks. But it's not 6:00 a.m. yet..so I cannot fall asleep.

Hookers and coke

All Hail.

2003-01-12 22:10:26 ET

You were really damn drunk.

2003-01-12 22:22:40 ET

and you seemed really excited ha!

2003-01-12 22:29:51 ET

You were definitely an asset to the YAP PACK.

2003-01-12 22:34:41 ET

That's it..ya'll are never seeing me sober again :)

I just said ya'll. -worried-

2003-01-12 22:35:58 ET

Damn Floridians.

2003-01-13 00:27:37 ET

I want hookers and coke, hold the coke.

2003-01-13 04:37:30 ET

I want hookers and coke, hold the herpes and nosebleeds.

2003-01-13 07:10:43 ET

you were drunk?

2003-01-13 12:02:10 ET


2003-01-20 14:00:50 ET

>>>But booze alleviates all.

hear, hear!!! i mean, wanna come to AA w/me?
you're floridian? floridian drunks RAWK

2003-01-20 14:04:49 ET

No, I'm not Floridian, I'm actually Eurotrash.

But I was in Florida for a week (friend bought me a ticket;couldn't say no).Justine made the Floridian comment because I said ya'll.

I never heard anyone say ya'll in Florida though.

2003-01-20 14:25:33 ET

i... dont... not.. say .. y'all...

2003-01-20 14:26:17 ET

not y'all, just idear

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