Ok..for real now .
2003-01-20 18:33:49 ET

Disclaimer: This is "for real". It is something I put a lot ov thought into recently. No, it's not something I am doing to get attention, seem "inaccessible", "hard to get", or seem more attractive. I have made a decision and decided to share it with everyone just so there are no misconceptions about anything with anyone.

I realize that a lot ov people have felt that way. I realize it's a "phase". But just as I don't go up to every teenage girl who thinks they're bi because they kissed their best friend at a sleepover and mock them to their face, please do not question my beliefs. I feel rather strongly about this, so before you discredit my genuine feelings on the topic consider the fact that I never put a label on my sexuality to begin with.

At this point in my life, I am experiencing no attraction to anyone. No serious attraction. Or even if I did, I refuse to do anything about it.


*Because I enjoy talking to people as opposed to making out with them.
*Because I am not a piece ov meat.
*Because I see the confusion making out/casual sex/etc. causes among my friends. I absolutely refuse to be a part ov that.

And this is the BIG ONE:

I feel that people like me for the wrong reasons. I feel like people "get to know me" to try to fuck me.

I'm not down with that.

I like having platonic friends, I like going out, getting smashed, and nowhere in that does the desire to "do stuff" fit in there.

And no this decision was not driven:

1-By someone breaking my heart (actually my cardiac muscle is fine thank you)
2-By me slutting around (NOTHING is further from the truth.I've been as prude as it gets to be honest).

So, in conclusion children I Beatrice A. Sara Wilgucki have chosen to be celibate from this day forward.

I don't want it and I certainly don't need it.

I have other things to focus on.

So..now I sit back and amuse myself by the amount ov people that will stop calling me/doing nice things for me/wanting to hang out/etc. just because there will be no chance ov me doing shit w/anyone.

I did not express half the things I wanted to express, mainly due to the fact that I just "don't have a way with words"

But I want to say this much..respect my decision or "fuck off and walk".

Plus asexuality has been hitting me hard core.

2003-01-20 18:36:33 ET

Good for you. :) !!!

2003-01-20 18:38:57 ET

Congrats girlie!

I'll stop trying to make out with you ;-)


2003-01-20 18:44:38 ET

Playing hard to get, eh?

But, seriously, good for you, chum.

2003-01-20 18:47:16 ET

It's not like the hookers and coke jokes will stop.

2003-01-20 19:00:46 ET

That's really awesome, Bea - and an excellent test to see who your REAL friends are...

2003-01-20 19:03:36 ET

lol. I really liked that, it was really inspirational.

2003-01-20 20:04:08 ET

bros before hos!
and i don't think this is going to be permenant... who could be celibate the rest of thier life? ;-P ...i don't think i could.
but i'd never sleep with someone i didn't think was worthwile... though i've been wrong at times...

2003-01-22 06:47:37 ET

***I feel that people like me for the wrong reasons. I feel like people "get to know me" to try to fuck me.***

Unfortunately that seems to be the lot of all attractive grrls...it sucks having to reanalyze people's actions to determine whether they are being a friend or a sleaze. congrats and good luck girlie, i wish you the best with this.

2003-01-22 08:50:25 ET

Everybody take my Quiz

2003-01-22 12:50:02 ET

Yo, Bea, you are a smart girl. Mad props, yo. Hookers and Coke 4 Ever!!!

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