It's a pineapple/riveth0 day!
2003-01-22 09:31:02 ET

One pineapple to rule them all....

Ummm...sorry my plans for world domination are not to be discussed now.

Happy birthday Insomnia,I wish you an abundance ov Latin reading, a plethora ov Rivetboi(tm) admirers, and drama free enterntainment.

I wish happy birthday to me. I also wish strippers on poles and straws up my nose.

Oh yea..someone smashed my tail light today.

Yes, my parked ,uninsured car.

Mom woke me up to tell me that along w/Happy Birthday.

2003-01-22 09:35:48 ET

Happy bday darling! Get a pole and I'll dance for you!!

2003-01-22 10:07:53 ET

happy birthday miss bea

2003-01-22 10:13:18 ET

Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear about your car... I decided to finally post on your page because I thought your name was "Die Cyber Bananas" which makes me think of a war between humans and Terminator-like Bananas.

Ummm yeah. So happy birthday =)
-The Joker

2003-01-22 10:50:29 ET

arent you the lucky one today! happy birthday bea :)

2003-01-22 10:53:54 ET

Actually my name isn't halfway as cool. It means "the cyber pineapple" in German.

Ananas uber alles!

2003-01-22 11:01:35 ET

i didnt know that, hah, thats k0r3 yo!

2003-01-22 11:03:22 ET

Happity Birfday

2003-01-22 11:26:45 ET

Happy birthday!1!!1!!!!!

Hope you can ignore your silly problems
and celebrate yourself just a li'l bit!


2003-01-22 12:30:17 ET

Ah... no doubt cyber pineapples are even more dangerous.

nightmares tonight.

-The Joker

2003-01-22 12:51:40 ET


2003-01-22 12:54:02 ET

Indeed.Hopefully nothing will get stolen and no one will go into my backyard and spray paint *Slut* on my Sentra.

Gah....I can't party on a weekday :( It just doesn't go!

2003-01-22 12:58:49 ET

Don't worry. All of your problems will seem to be vomited away this weekend

2003-01-22 13:02:54 ET

I need to get over this sorethroat/sniffles/dizzy bullshit I woke up with this morn and get some damn sleep. . . if that is accomplished, maybe I will at least have one drink this weekend. . .
</futile promises I always make and never keep>

2003-01-22 13:05:21 ET

You, my friend need n0g.

2003-01-22 13:06:21 ET

I can't get no nog no more!

I think we have to start making our own bootleg nog.

2003-01-22 13:15:19 ET

c0g n0g?

-The Joker

2003-01-22 13:16:36 ET

Yo, I'll grab my Fedora and gun. We shall start our nog speak-easy ASAP!! The public will demand it!

2003-01-22 13:17:17 ET

::grabs Bea to find appropriate cabaret-dancer outfits::

2003-01-22 13:18:57 ET

You think this coke will make my face white enough?

</Sally Bowles>

2003-01-22 13:25:40 ET

hahahahaha!!!! <3 <3 <3

2003-01-22 13:40:16 ET

::puts baby powder in hand; slaps Wintermute::

2003-01-22 13:43:49 ET

"Shit! This is a gram of Sweet & Low!"

"It's definitely weak, but if we do enough of it, I think we'll be okay."

-American Psycho

-The Joker

2003-01-22 13:54:28 ET

zappy birthday! PRE-N0G-NITION!!!

2003-01-22 15:25:47 ET

Happy Birthday!

2003-01-24 14:31:51 ET

Happy birthday!

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