2003-01-27 10:14:40 ET

I feel like I am in a K-hole. Oddly..I haven't touched K in years. Odd..odd..odd.

Ha..I must look stupid as hell, cause I'm sitting here with THE blankest look on my face right now. Ithink I've been sitting here with a gaping mouth and bulging eyes for a while now. I must be reminiscent ov a kid w/Down syndrome.

I hear one ov these stupid birthday cards in the background too. Like..this thing has been on for 3 hours straight. And I am not inclined to get up and find it, even though that it is driving me insane.

Edited to say: This wasn't a birthday card. It was a musical bottle ov some kind ov Russian vodka.

Now..everyone will think I'm crazy!

Russian vodka !!!!!!!!!

2003-01-27 10:26:49 ET

meaning you were not insane already? ;P

2003-01-27 10:30:16 ET

maybe you should get some sleep or maybe you are mental =) if you're mental welcome to the club!

2003-01-27 10:42:59 ET

It's not in your head Bea..not in your head.

2003-01-27 11:03:28 ET

Feeling a touch of the DS, huh...

2003-01-27 15:09:00 ET

I think I saw that. . .

2003-01-27 15:18:06 ET

the vodka...it speaks to me!

2003-01-27 18:05:09 ET

i think that my pastel walls are starting to melt. oooh, pretty

2003-01-28 05:26:13 ET

I got my liver on one shoulder, a bottle ov vodka on the other.

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