2003-02-02 18:20:59 ET

Today I would like to express my hatred for:

1-Mr. Bean
3-56 k modems

and any combination thereof.

2003-02-02 18:23:00 ET

I onced chatted with Mr. Bean about babies while he was connected to AOL on a 56k modem.

2003-02-02 18:34:03 ET

I hate all of those things too

2003-02-02 18:34:35 ET


I once talked to Bio and he was not predictable.


2003-02-02 18:39:05 ET

i love to kick mr. bean.
i love to kick the babies.
i love to kick 56k modems.

...i love these things.

2003-02-02 18:43:15 ET

god, i want to squish all of those things and then poop in their mouths and then make them poop out my poop and then feed them the second generation poop and so on ad infinitum

except maybe not the babies, i could get in trouble.

2003-02-02 19:31:51 ET

Mr. Bean can make me laugh sometimes. Those other two cannot, except maybe out of pity. I'll join you in hating the latter two, I can't hate what can occasionally make me laugh.

2003-02-02 19:38:37 ET

You forgot..."nice".."hahahha" or "lol"

2003-02-02 19:52:08 ET

I'm being dc and me. I spammed everyone else's journals with dc lingo. damn.

2003-02-02 20:12:34 ET

Dc talk is a Christian Rock band :P

ha...I amuse myself.

2003-02-02 20:14:26 ET

I'm not gonna ask how you know that. I am perfectly content here in my own bubble not knowing the names of any Christian rock bands. . . well, except VNV, which is Christian techno " . . . i pray to God. . ." bah.

and on that note: hahahhaha

2003-02-03 04:35:47 ET

I eat babies.

2003-02-03 13:52:05 ET

i like mr.bean :)
i am from u.k. so our humor can be different.

2003-02-04 12:09:51 ET

including online beanie babies...


ignore me.

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