2003-02-04 11:55:50 ET

Ohio seems to be filled to the brim w/pretty bois.

Why am I not in Ohio?

And I need a new "new" avatar. Plus +1 in my first gallery.

2003-02-04 11:57:01 ET

As a member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, I do not condone your avatar.

Jersey doesn't want you, go to Ohio!

2003-02-04 12:04:31 ET

No, Jersey keeps me celibate.

It offers no tempation whatsoever.

2003-02-04 12:16:19 ET

what about NY?

2003-02-04 12:17:28 ET

I am from OHIO!!!!

2003-02-04 12:17:30 ET

I don't want Bio's AIDS :P

2003-02-04 12:20:16 ET

I don't have AIDS. :[

2003-02-04 12:21:24 ET

I gave you pics and you didn't use them!

Ohio sucks. Move with me to somewhere else - dunno where yet though.

2003-02-04 12:23:24 ET

what pics?

Cali? *perks up*

2003-02-04 12:25:55 ET

Everyone knows all the cute boys are in Canada! *cough cough*

2003-02-04 12:44:37 ET

<fear and Loathing>

Adam, can't stop in Canada. It's Bat Country.

</Fear and Loathing>

2003-02-04 12:46:57 ET

*shakes fist*

i'll show ya bat country....

2003-02-04 12:48:03 ET

Ima puncha you face.

2003-02-04 12:49:14 ET

Resistance is futile.

Wait..wrong movie sampled by VAC.

2003-02-04 12:50:40 ET


HEY! I like VAC...

No sense in telling Adam now, the poor fool will see them soon enough.

2003-02-04 12:50:45 ET

nobody fucks with the JESUS.

2003-02-04 12:51:24 ET

damned lebowsky being on last night. such a great movie.

you're gonna show me your VAC? neat!

2003-02-04 12:51:40 ET


2003-02-04 12:53:07 ET

shut the fuck up donnie!

2003-02-04 12:56:28 ET

I think we should worship the Cohen Bros. as gods and sacrifice monkeys in their honour.

2003-02-04 12:56:43 ET

I want to throw my panties on Bryan Erickson's head.

Someone did that at a San Francisco show. They got stuck in his spikes.

2003-02-04 12:57:45 ET

monkies! heheheheheh! heheheh... hehe..... hehehe... heh...

i guess you had to be there.

2003-02-04 13:06:03 ET

har har har. You laughin at de MONKIES??? *Draws light-sabre* Prepare to defend yourself!!

2003-02-04 13:06:51 ET

I photoshopped pics for you, one of which is in my friends gallery -

And you can come to Cali with me, but I'm only visiting.

2003-02-04 13:08:24 ET

hah hah! That's a great picture.

2003-02-04 13:09:29 ET

people are never satisfied... i have an idea though... don't look for dating material in a club...why? because they're fucked up :-P

end of story, ok. ;-)

2003-02-04 13:12:49 ET

Yes.... Look for them on SK.NET!!

YES!! LOVE MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! </Invader Zim>

2003-02-04 13:13:07 ET

Well, Mr. Advice, where do you look? What if I want someone who is into the same music, eh?

I tried sk.net - remember the no-show debacle?

2003-02-04 13:14:12 ET

I don't, Insomnia.
I say you import another one!

Remember not to import one in the same band as one of your good friends.

2003-02-04 13:15:49 ET

Furax:I'm not looking for dating material. Celibate pineapple just noticed the influx ov eye candy in Ohio.

Justine: I look stupid w/non fake hair so I didn't nab it. But I DO have a picture from the Batcave you're in. I will mail you that.

2003-02-04 13:16:28 ET

I always show up. Honest. *sniff*.

Though Furax has a point; Music is not everything, and not everyone who likes our music goes to clubs anyway.

Sure, every relationship starts like .. hmm.. "It's not what YOU'RE like, it's what YOU like."

But after a while, as important as music/art/whatever is, there are other things which are more important..

2003-02-04 13:16:49 ET

You look better with the real stuff.

I've never seen you without.

2003-02-04 13:17:22 ET

ahha. what if you ARE looking for the fucked up ones?

2003-02-04 13:19:24 ET





2003-02-04 13:21:19 ET

Yea..I am not like Bio who doesn't hook up cause he can't.

I just choose not to.

2003-02-04 13:22:08 ET

Ooooo is this slap bio day..? j0y!

heh heh.. das cool, anywayz.

2003-02-04 13:22:18 ET

I did that. lasted about 2 years. then i realized how much of a sucker i am for candy...

2003-02-04 13:23:41 ET

At least I wasn't plagued.

2003-02-04 13:24:20 ET

You were triggered

2003-02-04 13:25:09 ET

No, I was furaxed. :X

2003-02-04 13:47:03 ET

You were nothinged Bio.

And no it isn't all about the music, but everyone else is ugly. I know, I tried school-dating, it sucks. Besides, I'm not in school right now. And there's nowhere but clubs and work, which is full of teenage geeks and old people.

And you're hot in the one on my page, Bea.

2003-02-04 13:48:25 ET

bio...you wish, ok.

and i know people may want someone who likes the same sort of music or someone who is into the same sort of things...but they don't necessarily have to be at club all of the time...there are people on the fringe of the "scene" ...whatever scene it is... and also people who are just busy with work and who don't come out all of the time or who live far away and just don't have the resources... i think i would have to recommend those who linger on the outskirts of the "scene" or someone who's in a closely related one... yes.

not that everyone is a "scenester", mind you, but everyone gets grouped in some way or another...


2003-02-04 14:26:01 ET

Those people rarely venture outside Furax, so how're you gonna find one? And when you do, they never want to come out or do anything, I know.

2003-02-04 15:15:32 ET

oh, stop nit-picking :-P

2003-02-04 15:27:40 ET

<3 bea

2003-02-04 15:32:06 ET

Who is that naked pineapple in your avatar?

2003-02-04 15:45:04 ET

naked? I don't have any of those pictures!

get over here

::grabs camera::

2003-02-04 15:46:22 ET

ohio sounds sucky.

2003-02-04 15:48:15 ET

Naked= no fake hair.

I do however have some pictures where I'm kicking really high, and my ass is showing so I had to sticker up my "naughty bits".

Naked pics at Insomniahouse!


2003-02-04 15:50:30 ET

You can be celibate and naked. I used to do it all the time. Come on over. You can bring any other hot girls you want.

2003-02-04 15:55:46 ET


I will pose naked covering my genitals with tropical fruit!

2003-02-04 15:57:01 ET


2003-02-04 15:58:06 ET


sliced, i hope ;-)

I know what we are doing for V-day. ::kidnaps bea::

2003-02-04 15:59:22 ET


I see a new avatar will be in order after V-day.

2003-02-04 16:35:54 ET

*flirts with ananas*

2003-02-06 17:09:15 ET

I don't know where these pretty bois are in ohio.... Im in ohio and i dont see them

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