2003-02-06 15:38:23 ET

::begin general lack ov content::

I have reached a new height ov boredom.

::end general lack ov content::

2003-02-06 15:47:01 ET

welcome to the club

2003-02-06 15:47:29 ET

Do I get a cool pin?

2003-02-06 15:48:28 ET

hmmmmm, i think its the anti whale pin?
they sell it here.

2003-02-06 15:48:42 ET

go make something :-P

2003-02-06 15:51:13 ET

I'm taking a ride to Philly w/Winterperson.

In my khakis and Gap sweater.. MMM

2003-02-06 15:52:02 ET

get a book -

2003-02-06 15:55:08 ET


I read most ov Gibson's stuff.Minus a few including All Tomorrow's parties .Also Lem. As in the guy who wrote Solaris before George Fucklooney ruined it.

2003-02-06 15:56:50 ET

The new Gibson book just came out -

2003-02-06 16:05:25 ET

read Orwell, yes.

2003-02-06 16:06:33 ET

I need to evolve past 1984.

2003-02-06 16:07:42 ET

i wish i read it instead of watching the movie of it......

2003-02-06 16:09:12 ET

I didn't even know there was a movie.

2003-02-06 16:14:16 ET

i'd say the movie is worth a watch...

oh, and have you read much Chuck Palahniuk?

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