2003-02-10 05:04:54 ET

Die Cyber Ananas: You're Jersey's favorite
sarcastic pineapple, what you lack in height
you make up in big hair and platforms!

What is your inner NJ SK.net member?
brought to you by Quizilla

2003-02-10 05:09:14 ET

Heh. Is that authentic muppet fur in yer head? ;o)

2003-02-10 05:09:35 ET

It's Fraggle :P

2003-02-10 05:10:20 ET

YESSSssssssssssssss. God I loved those little dozers.

2003-02-10 05:53:14 ET

I need to be a quiz. Then people will love me.

2003-02-10 05:58:27 ET

Yes, it's as simple as that. Quiz=love. Go get me as a result here. o_O

2003-02-10 06:00:08 ET

Been there, done that.

2003-02-10 06:00:59 ET

I'm zee CyberBunny

2003-02-10 06:05:46 ET

Rix - who'd you come out..?

2003-02-10 06:11:40 ET

Bea - We all love Das Cyber Häschen ;)

2003-02-10 06:15:29 ET

I got Dimolo on the Israeli one.

Nachsomething or other on this one.

2003-02-10 06:18:02 ET

Ooo. Sweet.

2003-02-10 06:18:10 ET

You got zee John.

That means you must drink quite a bit.

2003-02-10 06:20:32 ET

I <3 alcohol.

2003-02-10 06:20:38 ET

you are ME ????

that's great!

2003-02-10 06:25:27 ET

Must be the cyber thing.

Bunny..pineapple...both carbon based life forms. HA!

2003-02-10 06:26:16 ET

and we like pink.

2003-02-10 06:26:16 ET


2003-02-10 06:36:24 ET


2003-02-10 07:20:29 ET

who would have thought? ;-P

oh, and don't ever offer Bea an ounce of your own flesh to let her aggression out on when she says she wants to beat someone up... those nails are pretty vicious haha

2003-02-10 10:32:48 ET

I got CyberBunny, too.

What an awesome test that is.

I agree.
Bea is viscious.
She attacked me.
I'm suing for damages.
Punitive ones.

2003-02-10 11:13:40 ET

I helped make the test. Bio has no respect for his collaborators.

2003-02-10 15:20:42 ET

Obviously, as he blatantly ignores your requests for recognition.

2003-02-10 23:41:13 ET

i feel special ^_^

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