Rivet Poster Child Submission.
2003-02-12 17:42:35 ET

Hey I'm Bea.

I prove my elite ub3r-ness by hanging out on Subkultures.net and hanging out with my super elite friends. I like to go to clubs and get drunk. Because all rivet heads do that. It helps with my hardcore stomping. Jersey has the best industrial scene. I spend my time fighting with New York City "cybergoths" and feel the need to prove how c0re I am 24-7.

I only listen to stuff off Ant-zen, but it's starting to get too mainstream for me. Don't tell anyone but I think that Fictional secretly rocks.

Did I mention that I own every :wumpscut: baby tee? But I have to discard them, since Rudy is on Metropolis and that is SO poser.

But I still wear that *Eevil Young Girlie* tee at out of state club where nobody knows me.


2003-02-12 18:15:19 ET

Pineapple sundae

2003-02-12 18:28:05 ET


I can go for one.

Alas Dunkin Donuts must do :)

2003-02-12 18:47:29 ET

Poster kiddie pride!!!!!!

2003-02-12 23:17:54 ET

I was Poster Boy before you all! ;-P

2003-02-13 00:36:35 ET

maybe i should submit one too...
but i look like an insta perky goff :P

2003-02-13 02:43:57 ET

Fictional pryde.

2003-02-13 12:10:50 ET

I was close to you, MISTER FUR. And my twin sis Vindy was even closer. So feh -

2003-02-16 12:07:34 ET

Hey neat, someone else on here has a twin? :D My twin sister and I & Tasha were goth poster kids awhile back, I think in August or september. :D

2003-02-16 12:10:36 ET

No sorry to disappoint you, I say people are related to me all the time when they're not. We just used to get mistaken for twins.

grr i don't think pic works oh well

2003-02-16 12:12:54 ET

you look so cute...and pink
yeah :D

2003-02-16 12:20:05 ET

Heh, I've been mistaken for twins with my friends and not my actual twin, plus been mistaken for triplets once or twice with that friend and yet another friend.
I think when people see colored hair they fail to see anything else. O_o

2003-02-16 12:21:07 ET

It's more the height than anything else, we both had long black hair first -

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