2003-02-18 10:43:51 ET

Alright children...

time to brave piles of snow taller than me.

HHAhhah...it's so funny for some reason.

A little cybergoth with pink and black dreads struggling with forces of nature.

Don't let anyone ever tell you that shovels aren't sexy.

Being tough is not just for rivets anymore. Har.

Why am I making a big deal? Because chances are that you haven't seen the SIZE of my backyard which is where the car is. It's going to be a long tunnel I tell ya.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Pineapple-

2003-02-18 10:47:13 ET

"Dig! For Freedom!"

2003-02-18 10:48:29 ET

since you think shovels are sexy .. i think you should come over to the apt and dig me out a parking space ;)

2003-02-18 10:50:03 ET

furax: is that line from a movie? it sounds farmiliar .. lol, im thinking "the beastmaster" hahah

2003-02-18 10:50:33 ET

being tough was never for rivets

2003-02-18 10:50:53 ET

i dunno...i just thought it sounded catchy :-P

2003-02-18 10:53:07 ET

that works lol

2003-02-18 10:53:10 ET

Your 3lfk0r3 charm is not working Chris Condition.


All the bitches might love the DC, but there's always the smart one :)

Furax: Remind me ov that when I'm stuck in the room with a certain River Troll.

2003-02-18 10:55:05 ET

i think you should have highlighted "one" as well...

2003-02-18 10:55:29 ET

hahahaah!!! good call .. dude, ill see you digging through "its" wall.

2003-02-18 10:57:37 ET

And if that fails...

..I'll always have a shovel handy to put someone out ov their misery.

I don't it's a good idea to plot murder in a public forum :)

2003-02-18 11:12:55 ET

what murder? :x

2003-02-18 11:13:53 ET

</suicide commando>

I want pictures of all this Jerseykid snow shoveling, damnit.

2003-02-18 11:18:32 ET

I'm going to take some ov me standing by the snow banks.

Because they're taller than me.

A lot ov things are taller than me.

With the exception ov John when I'm wearing platforms.

2003-02-18 11:55:40 ET

My car is under a snow bank taller than me!!!! FUCK!!!

2003-02-18 12:01:19 ET


lies, WM!

2003-02-18 12:20:56 ET

This morning I awoke to the sight of two
giggly SoHo art fag types being drawn down
the snowy street on a SKATEBOARD pulled by
a great, blue-eyed Alsatian dog...

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry...

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