2003-02-18 12:43:02 ET

Tunnel is in progress.

Inspired by DC's post..I decided to con one ov you into touching me.

<victim mode>

Look at this poor, sore pineapple..Oh no!!!!

</victim mode>

2003-02-18 12:45:59 ET

oi! shoveling soreness is the worst...go get some nice attractive person to give you a massage.

2003-02-18 12:46:26 ET

So many ov you to choose from here on Sk!

2003-02-18 12:51:57 ET

::slides hand up Das Der Die Cyber Ananas' leg::

So, uhh, how you doin'?

2003-02-18 12:52:34 ET

I am so confused, but I'll volunteer my massage skills, which few can attest to because they are so rarely flaunted.

My only credentials: one person, during the massage, ended up proposing to me. . . the fact that the next morning he didn't remember any of it doesn't matter. . .

2003-02-18 12:56:12 ET

Justine..all this man touching in DC's thread made me realize my own soreness.


I'm taking you up on that offer this weekend.

Kid touching will come later Bio.

I want someone more experienced with the female body to do this.

2003-02-18 12:57:59 ET

Hah, that is the first time I have ever been described as "experienced," especially in reference to the female body. Thank you darling.

This weekend it is.

2003-02-18 13:03:37 ET

le poke... le nudge... le grope.

2003-02-18 13:52:10 ET

hey, stop stealing my ideas! ;) your gonna take all the good massager's!

2003-02-18 13:53:52 ET

Come to think of it, I only know how to give guy massages. . .

2003-02-18 14:00:16 ET

I suppose I'll have to settle for less.

Where did Bio go?

2003-02-18 14:07:17 ET

I'm glad you've decided to settle for less.

How does low cost dinner sound?

2003-02-22 14:19:11 ET

No need to settle for less, Bea.

I give tre doubleplusgood massage.

Mea Culpa said no girl in the world would say no to sex after one of my rubs. </scheming to seduce you>

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