2003-02-23 19:53:54 ET

I think I have a mission to accomplish.

I wonder if I sleep with Chris Pohl.. I'll be on a Blutengel album?

That seems to be the case w/him :P

One way to find out..ha!!!!!!

2003-02-23 19:57:32 ET

Whoa... Do I get to be on a tristesse de la lune album if I sleep with the blutengel girls? .. . . whoa.

We have a mission to complete! I'm giving the orders! Down! Put the gun down! . . . . Yeah.

2003-02-23 19:58:48 ET

No, Shay..put the crack pipe down :D

2003-02-23 20:02:25 ET

Damn... I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

2003-02-23 20:11:06 ET

What kind ov glue?

<3 chemical smells are like perfume to me!

(and no it doesn't get me high)

But I must have like 1 braincell left.

2003-02-23 20:16:38 ET

I kid, I kid. I used to sniff glue when I was like 15 or something.. I'd still take a whiff of amyl nitrate if offered... But yeah, I <3 them chemical odorssssssssss!

I'm thinking inhalants are gonna be on the top of my regret list when I settle down.

*my 1 braincell waves hello to yours*

Damnit... must... resist... sk.net's power... Must..go ... to ..army...

2003-02-23 20:19:38 ET

Must use womanly powers to be on a Blutengel album :P

2003-02-23 20:22:50 ET

heh heh heh. I hear you on that one. Chris is as hawt as them tristesse girls ^_^

Well, I'm off to serve my homeland or some other funker-vogt-esque rubbish.

2003-02-23 20:43:54 ET

... (o_O)

2003-02-24 02:45:54 ET

Plz do not inspire more bad futurepop ok bea thx.

2003-02-24 06:29:28 ET

I can and will, Bio.

And someone didn't dance to Blue Lights on Friday. Now..what was that all about?

If you don't support the cause..you're not worthy ov the Love Den.

2003-02-24 07:24:11 ET

I hope you like foot fetishists, Bea.


2003-02-24 07:34:16 ET

LoL. I fuckin hate fictional, but that song... *lowers head in shame*

2003-02-24 07:39:38 ET

That song SUCKS, TE. Get over it or be removed from my lj list. ::laughs::

2003-02-24 07:43:42 ET

AAHhhhhhhhhhhhh!! You're worse than Noa. Well, no death threats, (yet?), but the VE MUST BVE K0R3 UNT ALL ELSE ZUX attitude is not for me. Hey, I even like britpop.

2003-02-24 07:45:51 ET

Au contraire, fiesty one.

I listen to Broadway tunes and nu metal and jazz and lots of other music.


Not Fictional. Fictional = suck. I only have two bands I truly hate. You can listen to whatever else you want.

2003-02-24 07:49:22 ET

Okay, I'm willing to go halfway on this - - Fictional are removed henceforth from all playlists, even obvious synthpussy lists.

But vnv stay.

2003-02-24 07:53:07 ET

Hey if you want to listen to Christian techno, that's up to you. Just don't expect me to respect any of your thoughts concerning taste.

(my rendition of VNV)

2003-02-24 07:58:31 ET


hey, you listen to stinky nu metal garbage, so don't you lecture me about taste (and I'm not christian, so I don't care about dat part anyway - - besides, hardly any of their songs are like that - - and at least they try bothering to have meaningful lyrics, which is more than most projects in this genre do).

*playing VNV Nation - Legion*

2003-02-24 08:46:39 ET

I didn't say a Seelenkrank album dood..I said Blutengel.

And I hate feet.

Roofies..I will need roofies.

2003-02-24 10:29:30 ET

Same person.

2003-02-24 10:35:25 ET

I know silly. Chris Pohl is da man..I know all about his shit.

But one has more ov a foot fetishist theme than the other.

2003-02-24 13:15:46 ET

yo, chris pohl is definatly the man .. one day i plan on being as cool as him, buhahaha ;)

2003-02-24 13:48:33 ET

"As cool as Chris Pohl..." that's like almost as consensus as "As cool as Kim Deal.."

Terminal Choice rawkkkkk

2003-02-27 10:33:14 ET

My friend met chris pohl at the gothik wave treffen, and he told him that he only give autographs\photos to chick if they go down on him.

2003-02-27 10:37:13 ET

I don't want an autograph.

I want to be on the album.

2003-02-27 10:40:47 ET

He only gives autgraphs to chicks if they go down on him??
איזה מלך - [rough translation: he's my hero.]

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