2003-02-27 10:28:53 ET

Car is in working order again.

So, now all I have to worry about is to go get those damn nudes taken ov me.

Big bruise on leg from tripping and landing on bed frame.

Big bruise look bad in nude photo.

Nude photo destroy you all.

2003-02-27 10:37:18 ET

Um. .. if you need any practice you can come over here and let us take nude pics of you. Bruises are HOT.

2003-02-27 10:37:39 ET

hooray for nudity!!!

2003-02-27 10:38:51 ET

nude photos?

2003-02-27 10:40:44 ET

HAhhah..yup..for this Playboy Channel bullshit I'm doing.

It's not because I'm hot..it's because I'm Goth.

Nothing big..just my boobs on the Playboy Channel.

Not like my friends haven't all seen them already.

2003-02-27 10:49:13 ET

uhhhhh...give links when photos done :D

2003-02-27 10:51:52 ET


2003-02-27 10:55:18 ET

nude O.O

2003-02-27 10:58:49 ET

These are just trial photos.

If you want hardc0re pr0n ov me ask Insomnia.

2003-02-27 10:59:21 ET



2003-02-27 11:06:48 ET

and Insomnia complains that she gets no action?!

2003-02-27 11:09:21 ET

Ms. Ananas, I kindly request exposure to your breasts.

And now that you have a car, I expect chauffering to occur.

2003-02-27 11:14:07 ET

Bring your Fictional records to play in my car :)

2003-02-27 11:23:46 ET

I will bring all five.

2003-02-27 11:30:55 ET

We can turn it into a Mini Love Den.

Because nothing compares to YOUR Fictional Love Den.

2003-02-27 11:34:09 ET

Fictional Love Den: Where supple young boys and ether soaked rags converge.

2003-02-27 14:03:42 ET

a nakie pineapple....that's right up there with sock puppet pOrn!;p

2003-02-27 17:21:07 ET

Pineapple nudity! There's got to be a law against that ;)

2003-03-03 06:12:49 ET

You haaaaaaaaaaave to send some of those to meeeeee! You can have my soul, kay?

2003-03-03 06:55:08 ET

Sorry Matt, I happen to know Satan personally, and he says you already traded your soul when you were 6 for a gumball machine.

2003-03-03 08:29:13 ET

I actually sold it to a friend a few months ago for a nickel. But hey, I'll just go beat the living crap out of him, and take it back :)

2003-03-03 20:38:32 ET

The only way that someone is seeing my pineapple boobies is:

1- If you find them online.
2-You saw me changing out ov my clothes somewhere.
3- Are sleeping with me.
3- Are a well known fetish photographer.

Or if I get drunk and rowdy which never happens.

2003-03-03 20:39:26 ET

my boobies are online

2003-03-03 20:45:41 ET

Yeah I've seen you drunk but never rowdy.

Mine are online too, but they're only one pic of many that flash in a banner, so no one knows. heh.

Speaking of pineapples, some pineapples found me at work today. Oh no. It's all over.

2003-03-03 20:47:28 ET

I had nothing to do w/it.

I am the Doom Apple [title irrelevant to context as usual].

2003-03-03 20:48:16 ET

No you didn't babe, they just found me - it was Anna and some other guy I don't know.

2003-03-03 20:49:44 ET

My brethen frequent internet cafes.


2003-03-03 21:04:09 ET

Well now they do!

They gotta... they're all online a lot, aren't they?

2003-03-03 23:44:02 ET

There are more where die cyber ananas came from?? *ghast!*

2003-03-04 05:48:52 ET

hmm.. guess I'll have to start sleeping with you now won't I?

2003-03-04 05:52:00 ET

I'm not currently taking applications :P

2003-03-04 05:54:06 ET

thats fine, my resume is highly lacking in the sleeping with pineapple department. Then again, it's highly lacking in pretty much sleeping with anyone department. At least I'm disease free!

2003-03-04 05:57:24 ET

I have every STD in the book.

2003-03-04 06:00:09 ET

well, I'd be willing to sacrifice my well being.

2003-03-04 06:02:48 ET

Itchy genitals are no fun.

::scratch, scratch::

2003-03-04 06:05:22 ET

Neither is being this lonely. I don't think it could be good for someone.

2003-03-04 06:06:32 ET

True you're never lonely with a crab colony down South.

I'm sure Biomechanic can help out :D

2003-03-04 06:08:21 ET

although Bio is incredibly cute, yes. I'm not in the mood for men at the moment. However, if you catch me a few months from now when I'm even more desperate, perhaps I will be.

then again, that would be statutory rape, wouldn't it? Uh oh.

2003-03-04 06:09:54 ET

Let's not get technical here.:P

2003-03-04 06:11:58 ET

Ok fine, so Bio isn't incredibly cute. I was just saying that to make him feel better.. uhmm or was he not feeling bad? Ah well, thats what you get from trying to have a conversation with me while I'm in class.

2003-03-04 06:13:47 ET

I hit on Bio all the time.

Everybody gets a turn.

2003-03-04 09:36:21 ET

I don't hit on Bio, my bed is 21+. But I highly reccommend Bio-hitting-on to anyone else younger than me. He is currently smitten though, and will not answer you back.

2003-03-04 09:42:24 ET

aw, somebody's gettin the biolove

2003-03-04 09:51:37 ET

can i hit on bio too? :D

2003-03-04 11:42:42 ET

Noa loves the kiddie pr0n. ;)

2003-03-05 00:22:39 ET

shut up
he's not THAT young

2003-03-05 06:44:01 ET

he's still a youngin, give him a lollipop and a catholic school boy's uniform and he'd be ready for the prison yard

2003-03-05 06:44:08 ET

LOL... :)))
We're not talking about bio anymore me finks. ;)

2003-03-05 06:47:45 ET

you're emoticon has a double chin TE

2003-03-05 07:12:12 ET

>:O)) *I'm not fat I'm big boned!*

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