2003-03-06 21:12:25 ET

This is not the kind ov snow we want!

I'd say this is not a rhytm, but Bio played that out :D

2003-03-06 21:13:31 ET

we wanted a different kind of snow? (o_O)

2003-03-06 21:14:16 ET

Yea..the kind that puts you in car trunks.

This is not a contraband refference.

2003-03-06 21:14:21 ET

he plays out a lot of shit haha ;)

2003-03-06 21:17:59 ET

bea, i have no idea what you're talking about...as usual. :-P

cj core, i think it's bio's job to play-out every little catch phrase he comes up with...

2003-03-06 21:18:33 ET

yea.. he appears to be on the SANS phase

2003-03-06 21:20:08 ET

SANS tact..that he is :D

2003-03-06 21:20:24 ET

"sans" is such a farce...

2003-03-06 21:21:42 ET

Sans is not a rhytm

2003-03-06 23:08:04 ET


2003-03-06 23:22:15 ET

I never knew how to spell that :D

2003-03-06 23:23:45 ET

now you do!

2003-03-07 02:52:35 ET

This is not a comment. :P

I'm too cool to play anything on Electronic Music Means War To Us.
Because biomechanic will take your head off. ; )

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