2003-03-06 21:24:01 ET

This is not a new avatar!

2003-03-06 21:29:03 ET

Hey, i like your new avatar! ;-P

2003-03-06 22:00:58 ET

then... what is it?

2003-03-06 22:07:22 ET

A played out Hypnoskull reference.........

..ov doom.

2003-03-06 22:08:13 ET

i don't believe you. provide evidence.

2003-03-06 22:11:27 ET

If you weren't working for the Gov't maybe I'd actually try :)

2003-03-06 22:13:06 ET

damn! foiled again. curse this government and the work it makes me do.

2003-03-06 22:15:06 ET

You were sent on a mission from Patrick Stevens to assassinate the evil that is Bio.

2003-03-06 22:17:22 ET

eh, i'll get around to it one of these days. the northeast region is quite a ways away from me, and i'm much too lazy at this point in time. i guess Mr. Stevens will have to dock my pay.

2003-03-06 22:23:32 ET

I hope you don't mind getting paid in Euro :)

2003-03-06 22:24:18 ET

man it's bad enough i have a crappy job but i get paid in devalued currency, too? what a rip!

2003-03-06 23:07:20 ET

oh yes it is!

looks good -

2003-03-06 23:31:47 ET

k thanxfortheinfo :P

2003-03-06 23:35:07 ET

Is that an emo song you're working on?

2003-03-07 00:50:28 ET

yeah, here it is

2003-03-07 01:10:11 ET

Hey crybaby,

I have no sound on my comp.


I dream ov the day someone writes an emo song for moi :P

"She peed on my sweater and broke my glasses"

2003-03-07 02:53:18 ET

Your new avatar is gothic beauty pagentc0re.

2003-03-07 03:21:17 ET

The mind is such a stupid lil' thing. I read "This is not a new avatar!" and inputted "This is not a love song!"
We hate eighties.

2003-03-07 03:22:44 ET

Bio doesn't remember too much ov the 80's :)

2003-03-07 04:13:49 ET

Oh, right. Kids.

2003-03-07 09:48:26 ET

yea, it touches bio's sans.

2003-03-07 12:50:42 ET

Oh like you remember so much more of it, Ms. Bea. :P

2003-03-07 13:02:17 ET

I remember Chernobyl. YOU DON'T!

2003-03-07 13:07:40 ET

You're right. :P
All I remember was Bush 1 in office.

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